Tuesday, July 03, 2007

TPNCH - Full Time MBA Program, Goizueta Business School

See what the first year of your Two-Year Full-Time MBA experience entails at Goizueta Business School.

Mid / Late August

Your experience begins with Welcome to Atlanta. International students from around the globe come to Atlanta and begin their preparations for business school in the U.S. All students come together for the start of Orientation, where you learn about all of the students that comprise your class. You are introduced to the difference between graduate school and your undergraduate experience. You learn our Core Values, and begin to test you leadership skills from the beginning with an overnight retreat and ropes course. After getting to know your classmates, you plunge into the academic rigor of business school with Fall LEAD Week. You spend one whole week on a single company, learning about problem-solving and making effective presentations. At the end of the week, you might even present your recommendations to senior management from the focus company. And you haven’t even started classes yet.

September – Classes

Classes start the next week, and you learn about the pace and rigor of a graduate business program. Your project teams are beginning to gel, as the group work starts from the very beginning of classes. MBA Kegs begin on Thursday afternoons, and you begin to meet Second-Year MBAs as well as your First-year classmates. Club Night gives you the opportunity to learn about how you can get involved in leadership roles at Goizueta. You learn what the Spring LEAD Week options are for international travel and for the Atlanta-based leading edge topic seminars. G PLUS provides a great opportunity for all of the first-year MBAs to get together every week, and is the beginning of your year-long journey to improve your communication skills. And here you will learn what “Goizuetiquette” is and why it’s so important. Companies start coming to campus soon after classes start, to provide information to first-year students about internship opportunities. And you start to think about what kind of leadership role you want to play at Goizueta.

October & November – Classes and Internship Search

Both are in full swing, as well as activities with clubs, leadership roles, social events, and getting to know the Second-year MBAs. October begins with a big Networking Reception, to build your job contact network. Companies continue to come to campus for information sessions and interviews. Fall Reading Days give you focused time without scheduled classes to focus on mid-term exam preparation. There are optional career conferences held by National Black MBA, National Society of Hispanic MBAs, and our own conference Inside Goizueta. Many First-Year MBAs will travel to New York or other cities to visit corporations in their headquarters. Trips focus on Wall Street internships, Marketing careers, and Charlotte banking opportunities. Consulting students practice case interviews in addition to their classes. Committee of 50 is helping to recruit the next class of Two-Year MBAs by hosting visiting students. Before you know it, Thanksgiving Break is here, marking the last few weeks of the fall semester.

December – Finishing the Semester

These few weeks are full of presentations, final projects, papers and exams. After exams, you head home for a few weeks rest, more internship search efforts and to get ready for International LEAD Week trips.

January – A World of Experiences

Around the New Year, our International LEAD Week trips depart. For 2-3 weeks, some of you will immerse yourself in a new culture, and learn global business from an insider’s perspective. Some students will choose to attend Washington Campus – a week-long session in Washington DC that focuses on how business and government work together. Still other students will be in Atlanta for their LEAD Week on leading-edge topics. The I-Banking and Consulting students spend most of January on internship interviews, and many of these companies extend offers before February arrives. Classes start at the end of the month, where you begin your spring core courses, and take electives that help prepare you for your summer internship.

February – Classes and Internship Search

You continue on in your efforts to prepare yourself for internship by getting the most you can from your classes. Internship search efforts continue at a heavy pace, and some offers begin to arrive. You decide on which leadership positions you will want to run for, and begin the campaign process.

March – Leadership and Looking Ahead

The Leadership March is finally here…and every club is having an election. You find your opportunity to lead – and accept the challenge. Spring Break is either a week of focused internship-search or a short rest. Right after you return, we welcome the next group of prospective Full-Time MBAs at Welcome Weekend. All students pitch in and help bring the next "best class ever" to Goizueta. And you begin your application for the Goizueta Advanced Leadership Academy.

April – Making Plans

You will finish your courses, and start making plans for your summer with your internship company. Goizueta Gives is a wonderful opportunity to show Goizueta’s heart and soul through our annual effort to raise money for charities. Coffeehouse, end of year parties, and events like the International Business Association Potluck are opportunities to celebrate your hard work and all of the friends you have made along the way.

May – The Internship

Exams are finished in the first week, and shortly after everyone scatters to their respective cities to begin their internship experiences. Finally, you have the opportunity to try out that career you have been working toward all year. And you know you will impress them with your strong analytical skills, your confident presentation style, and your leadership abilities.