Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Media Player Downloads

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Get Ready First!!

To make sure that you can play every music video in this blog or any other media hosts. You should upgrade your media player programs to latest versions as I have made links for you to download. It is totally free!!

1. Window Media Player 10

Most of the songs here can be played using this software program. You'd better use at least WMP Version 9. Once you have already downloaded the WMP, you are advised to set up some configurations as follows:

- Open Windows Media Player

- Click "Tools" at the tools bar(not sure how to call this as I am not so computer-literate)

- Click "Options"

- Click "Privacy"

- And then tick at "Acquire licenses automatically for protected content"

2. Real Player 10

Some songs are played by this program.

3. Quick Time 7

It may not be necessary as the songs played by this software program have been taken out but just in case there are some left.

Last but not least, Internet connection speed should be at least 256 kbps.