Monday, April 30, 2007

Wake Forest MA in Management - EPCD

You probably chose your undergraduate major because you had a special passion for it. Now, as you prepare to graduate, you may be looking for a career you can be passionate about, too.

Knowing the right way to apply your talent can be as important as that talent itself when starting down your career path. And there may be a few more things you need to learn in order to translate what you already know into a skill set that employers recognize and value.

Wake Forest University’s new Master of Arts in Management program is tailored specifically for people with undergraduate degrees in liberal arts and sciences. It is designed to help you quickly build solid, marketable business fundamentals to add to the knowledge you’ve already mastered.

In other words, the MA in Management can help transform you into a polished young professional with the kind of business knowledge that employers are actively seeking.

Most importantly, these skills help you pursue more and better opportunities in the areas that you care about.

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