Tuesday, May 01, 2007

BSc in Management at Manchester Business School - KMN

After the first year, this programme gives an increasingly wide range of choices and combinations which allows you to develop and follow your own professional and intellectual interests. You can choose from courses taken from all the disciplines relating to Management, including accounting and finance, economics, employment studies/law, marketing, operations management, psychology, sociology and statistics.

Management (Accounting and Finance)
This specialism will suit you if you are interested in how organisations finance their activities and how they keep track of what happens to their money.

Management (Decision Science)
This specialism explores how decisions get made in organisations, and in particular how decision processes are supported through mathematical modelling.

Management (Employment and Organisation)
This specialism will appeal to you if you are interested in issues relating to people in organisations, such as industrial relations - the changing role of trades unions in society; organisational change and how it is managed; and what the significance of work is to individuals in contemporary society.

Management (Human Resources)
This specialism concentrates on the broad area of human resource management, plus employment policy and practice, industrial relations, organisational psychology and organisational analysis, with choices to focus on both the UK and international level. It is designed to encourage you to gain a critical awareness of how people are managed in organisations.

Management (International Business Economics)
This specialism will suit you if you are interested in the international dimension of organisations' operations, particularly the economic, financial and investment aspects.

Management (International Studies)
Graduates from this specialism are attracted to organisations with an international focus, be it through export, agencies or manufacturing in a global market place. Career development may be focused in marketing, operations, finance and investment, or human resource management.

Management (Marketing)
Students who graduate from this specialism move into careers in profit and service organisations, both profit and not-for-profit. They participate in strategic marketing management or in aspects of marketing such as marketing research, product development, brand management, integrated marketing communications and retailing.

Management (Operations and Technology)
If you are interested in how companies organise themselves for designing, generating and improving the quality of processes, products and services, then this is the specialism for you


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