Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MPhil in Management Science - KKiss

Management Science, a field of management also known under the name of Operations Research, is a cross-functional discipline that is concerned with the design and management of complex systems in industry, commerce, or the public sector. The discipline is largely defined through its use of mathematical and computational modelling as its primary methodology to gain an understanding of systems and achieve improvements in them. The key issues that Management Scientists wrestle with are uncertainty, change and choice between alternatives. In a nutshell, Management Scientists build mathematical and computer models on the basis of available data to help to make good decisions in a complex, dynamic and uncertain world.

Starting in early October, the MPhil in Management Science is an intensive nine months programme combining advanced study and research. The programme is designed as a first year of a PhD degree in the subject. A Cambridge PhD degree will typically require an additional 2-3 years of research. Students on the MPhil in Management Science have the opportunity to take courses in four Cambridge faculties, the Faculty of Business and Management, the Faculty of Mathematics, the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Engineering.

Students come to the programme with an excellent mathematical background, typically a first class degree in mathematics, physics, or another science or engineering subject with a substantial mathematical component, and the desire to apply their technical knowledge to the complexity of real-world management problems. The programme is very demanding and offers a fast-track to the essential theories and techniques required to do successful research in Management Science. In addition to coursework, students will work closely with a faculty member on a research topic. The resulting dissertation will typically form the nucleus of a PhD thesis; students who complete the MPhil in Management Science and proceed to the PhD programme can count their MPhil year towards their PhD.

Alternatively, the MPhil in Management Science also provides a strong academic background for a career in industry, commerce or the public sector.


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