Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mphil in Finance Research, Judge Business School - KH

MPhil in Financial Research

The Cambridge MPhil in Financial Research is a nine month programme combining advanced study and research. It is one possible route to a PhD degree in Finance, Financial Accounting, or Financial Engineering, especially if you have already identified a research topic and supervisor. A sister programme, the MPhil in Finance, is a second possible route to a PhD, particularly if you would like to follow more courses before choosing a research topic and supervisor. The MPhil in Finance also provides research-led teaching and a strong academic background for those aiming for a career in finance.

As an MPhil in Financial Research student, you will be a life member of a Cambridge college and a graduate student at one of the oldest and most prestigous universities in the world. The University of Cambridge has more Nobel Prize winners than any other institution world-wide, and has a large and influential network of alumni in over 74 countries.

The Cambridge MPhil in Finance/Financial Research is an established programme, now in its seventeenth year. It is jointly taught by staff of Judge Business School (one of the top Business Schools in Europe), the Faculty of Economics (the cradle of modern economics; with many Nobel Prize winners), and the Faculty of Mathematics (whose ancestry goes back to Isaac Newton, and whose faculty have won numerous Fields Medals and Nobel Prizes). The programme is therefore distinctive as it offers you the rare opportunity to be associated with up to three world-class Cambridge faculties.

We admit only the brightest and best, and it is therefore no surprise that many of our graduates have proceeded to the PhD either here or elsewhere and now hold major appointments at Ivy League universities in the US or top-tier research universities in Europe and Australasia. Some have also joined international institutions like the World Bank and IMF.


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