Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Executive MBA - Simon Business School - ETT

Executive M.B.A. Program

The Regions Most Rigorous EMBA Program Is Now More Flexible!

Alternating Week Format. The Simon EMBA program will now meet on Friday and Saturday every other week. This new, more flexible format reduces by half the amount of workdays lost by students and their employers. Students (especially those from out of town) will save substantially on program meeting and travel costs and experience greater flexibility to accommodate the various other professional and personal demands on their time.

Opportunity for Shortened Program Length. The standard program length is still 22 months. However, by offering optional classes in the summer or at night, students are now able to complete an EMBA in as little as 19 months.

Opportunities for Elective Study. Students now have the ability to focus their education on an area that interests them most. During the last quarter of the program, pursue greater specialization in a particular area of study (e.g., marketing, strategy, CIS/operations, health sciences management). EMBA students will still have the opportunity to take two additional courses tuition-free after meeting their graduation requirements to complete this specialization!

Addition of a Capstone Course. To enhance the entrepreneurial nature of our program, we have added a Business Plan Course that will run from the summer of the second year until graduation. This course will enable students to work on projects for their sponsoring companies or, if they desire, write their own business plan. Sponsored students who work on a company project will finalize their studies with a presentation to company representatives and Simon faculty. Individuals crafting their own business plan will have opportunities to present to venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs and others who can help move their ideas forward.


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