Monday, April 30, 2007

Executive MBA - ESG

Executive MBA
Nottingham University Business School offers a top-quality Executive MBA with an excellent reputation at a competitive price. Participants typically have at least five years of management experience; the average is more than ten years.

The Executive MBA is available to:
  • Individual applicants
  • Applicants sponsored by companies
  • Companies or organisations that want to develop a customised programme through a formal partnership with the Business School
The programme aims to develop:
  • Conceptual and analytical competence to plan and manage growth
  • Understanding of the dynamics of organisations
  • Ability to work with others to achieve successful change
  • General management perspective on the functions of a business
  • Sound up to date knowledge of business operations
  • Practical skills to manage a business
The Executive MBA offers exceptional flexibility:
  • Self-contained, one-week block modules
  • Between two and four years to complete
  • Option to vary the number of modules taken each year to suit your commitments

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