Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Simon Business School - ESKN


  • Our Full Time M.B.A. Program allows students to enroll in September for our traditional 2-year program which includes a summer internship experience or an accelerated completion in 18 months, by beginning in January, with a choice of 14 functional areas in which to concentrate
  • Our Part Time M.B.A. Program offers the same educational opportunities and choices for concentration as the full-time program but through evening courses, tailored for individuals who are working while completing the degree. Students may enter the program at four different times of the year and choose the pace at which to complete their degree.
  • Our Executive M.B.A. Program offers candidates a broad-based general management M.B.A. degree without career interruption. Classes meet every other Friday and Saturday for two academic years (19 months) from September to late June in the first year and from September to early June in the second year. The curriculum is cohort-based with an opportunity for team learning throughout.
  • Our M.S. Program offers more focused graduate study in eight concentration areas. This program is generally completed over one year of full-time study or 2-3 years of part-time study.
  • Our Doctoral Program is designed for students who wish to pursue academic and research careers in business management and related fields. Candidates should plan on at least 4 years of study to complete this full-time program.
  • Graduate Certificate Programs offer opportunities for non-degree study at the Simon School. The five areas of study are: Financial Analysis, Electronic Commerce Strategies, Health Sciences Management, The Design of Effective Organizations and Service Management.
  • Our English Language and U.S. Culture (ELUSC) Program offers a series of specialized intensive courses that prepare international students for the linguistic, academic, and cultural demands of graduate business study.



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