Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MBA in Marketing - ESP

Marketing Electives

Advanced Marketing Strategy

The goal of this course is to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of how marketing strategies can be developed and executed in dynamic and competitive global marketing environments. It is an integrative course that brings together the marketing activities of creating, capturing, and sustaining customer value in a variety of marketing contexts. Students will be exposed to the most recent theories and methods, analytical techniques, and current best practices for developing marketing strategies. The course is run as a block week and focuses on the interaction between the process of formulating, implementing, and controlling marketing strategies and the various stages of the product life cycle.

Analysis for Marketing Planning and Decision Making

Marketing professionals and consultants are charged with a wide variety of responsibilities that require them to have a good understanding of the workings of the market (at both the micro-and macro-level), evaluate the impact of (and therefore demonstrate the value of) past marketing activities, and use these insights in the development of marketing programmes. The objective of this course is to familiarise students with some of the main analytical methods that have now become fundamental to marketing decision-making as well as to high-level marketing and strategy consulting engagements.

Brand Management

Brand Management is a vital topic for any MBA, and this elective offers students the chance to take one of the most applied and advanced courses on brand management available anywhere in the world. Rather than focus on academic theory, the course takes an extremely managerial viewpoint. Explored are all dimensions of brand management, from defining brands, brand building strategies, brand architecture and extension issues, brand repositioning; these points will have particular focus two special topic areas: luxury brands and retail brands. The course focus ranges from small start-up brands, consumer brands, service brands and B2B brands. The course will be run as an intensive block week course, and will include a variety of teaching methods including guest speakers who are senior branding experts currently engaged in branding issues.


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