Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MBA in Marketing 3 - ESW

Marketing Electives 3

Implementing Marketing Strategies

The overall objective of this course is to provide students with practical knowledge about how to craft marketing plans that implement marketing strategies. A robust planning framework is introduced and applied in case studies that requires careful problem definition, situation analysis and specifying strategies and objectives. The emphasis is on quantitative and qualitative analysis that make marketing plans more transparent and accountable, which is the first priority for marketing for many CEOs, CMOs, and CFOs. There is also an emphasis on demonstrating marketing's ROI, and on key qualitative and quantitative concepts and tools used in marketing planning.

Marketing Communication

The marketing communications landscape has changed considerably over the last fifteen years, with many changes driven by technology. Others reflect the significantly increased emphasis placed on concepts that have been around for some time. Today, progressive organisations start with the premise that they are planning a marketing communication campaign - not simply an advertising campaign. This assumption not only helps to avoid any over-reliance on advertising, it also allows them to consider other promotional options as part of a unified marketing strategy. Communication tools such as sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations are often combined with an advertising program rather than integrated together to produce a seamless marketing effort. Central to this course is an understanding of how organisations can avoid this and engage in more effective dialogue with multiple stakeholders.

Marketing Research

This course focuses on understanding marketing research, its process, and its outputs. The techniques of research design, data collection, and data analysis occupy an important role and emphasis will be on the interpretation and use of results rather than on mathematical derivations and computer programming. The course focuses on helping managers recognise the role of systematic information gathering and analysis in making marketing decisions and develop an appreciation for the potential contributions and limitations of marketing research data. The course is aimed particularly at managers who are ultimate users of the research and responsible for determining the scope and direction of research conducted on his/her behalf.


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