Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MBA in Marketing 2 - ESKR

Marketing Electives 2

Business to Business Marketing

Business to business marketing involves management of the product or services, as well as distribution relationships. The majority of investments, consulting projects and business challenges focus on industrial goods and services, and the goal of this course is to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of how marketing strategies can be developed and executed in a B2B marketing environment. Examined is the importance of industrial marketing and the unique and unusual issues which one encounters when marketing to organisations rather than to households or individual consumers. The course is run as a block week and focuses on the interaction between the process of formulating, implementing, and controlling marketing strategies under competitive threat and product life-cycle challenges.

Creativity and Personal Mastery

Creativity and Personal Mastery is a highly-rated and innovative course devised and taught by visiting Professor Srikumar S. Rao of Columbia Business School. It was designed to produce a profound change to one's life, and it is expected that participants will set out on a path of discovery that will last the rest of their lives. Only the individual can bring about this change, and this course provides the tools needed need to do so. The formal end of the course at the completion of the semester is a largely meaningless demarcation and many students who took it years ago are still actively pursuing their quests. The class is limited to 30 participants and students must undertake an extremely stringent application process to be considered for selection.

Global Marketing

This is an advanced course that examines the specific challenges involved in entering international markets and in conducting marketing operations on an international scale. Students will extend their experience in identifying and evaluating opportunities worldwide, developing and adapting market strategies in relation to specific national market needs or constraints, and the execution and coordination of international marketing programs. Of particular focus in the course are international country markets, the examination of broader strategic issues, and how to evaluate markets and choose entry strategies as well as implementing marketing plans. Emphasized are marketing analyses and variables with an eye on strategic issues relating to international operations rather than on technical aspects of exporting and importing.



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