Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Full Time MBA - Simon Business School - ESD

Full-Time M.B.A. Program

Your decision to pursue an M.B.A. marks one of the most important steps along the path of your business career. More importantly, the place you obtain your degree lays the groundwork for the type of skills you will master and the caliber of professional relationships you will forge.

When you enroll in the Simon School’s Full-Time M.B.A. Program, you will immerse yourself in one of the most challenging and rewarding educational experiences in the world.

The Simon Difference

  • Small Size. Simon prides itself in being the smallest top tier M.B.A. program, with an enrollment of approximately 800 full-time and part-time M.B.A. and M.S. students. The full-time graduating class of 2006 has approximately 150 students, which provides intentially small core and elective classes and facilitates a highly interactive learning process between fellow classmates and professors.
  • Selective Admission and Diverse Students. Applicants are chosen for their potential to make contributions to business, as well as the diversity of their personal and professional backgrounds. International students comprise approximately 40% of each entering full-time class, making Simon one of the most culturally diverse among leading U.S. graduate business programs. This creates a dynamic learning environment, and dramatically impacts how students learn about the global marketplace.
  • Economics-Based Approach and Cross-Functional Curriculum. The common thread of economics allows students and faculty to share ideas and solve problems based on mutually understood methods and terminology. Faculty members teach students that most organizational problems incorporate finance, accounting, operational, strategic and marketing issues; thereby students learn to look at issues from numerous vantage points and come to fully understand fundamental concepts.
  • Leadership Development. We work closely with our students on gauging and then developing their individual leadership capabilities. As testament to our success, Simon graduates are both highly sought after by corporate recruiters and distinguished by their capacity to effect change—within Fortune 500 firms or through the successful establishment of entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Teamwork. We emphasize group work allowing each student to benefit from the quality and diverse cultural and business backgrounds of their classmates. We also foster a strong partnership between students, faculty and staff in the learning enterprise.

Through projects, hands-on experiential learning and rigorous quantitative training, our students gain everything they need to step out of the Simon School and into the fast-paced action of the business world. Full-time M.B.A. students:

  • Develop a foundation for sound management techniques,
  • Gain exposure to all of the functional areas of business,
  • Acquire an in-depth knowledge of individual and organizational behavior through participation in class cohorts and small study teams,
  • Balance theory and application through a mixture of classroom lectures, case studies, projects and internships, and
  • Customize their course of study through a flexible system that allows functional area and interdisciplinary concentrations.

Because Simon students possess varied educational, professional, cultural and geographic backgrounds, their unique characteristics create a vibrant and interactive graduate experience. The contributions of this eclectic mix of students lend themselves to a meaningful exchange of ideas that benefits the entire Simon community.


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