Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MPA Program Overview - KSW

The MPA is a flexible programme, which may be studied on a full-time (one year) or part-time basis (up to two years).

This programme is aimed at those whose ambition is geared towards leading public service management and innovation. Students will consider the latest international trends in governance, public policy, management and the role of public services in organisational and community capacity building for social and economic development.

The programme is taught by staff from Manchester Business School, the School of Social Sciences, the Institute for Development Policy and Management and the Institute for Political and Economic Governance at The University of Manchester. The cross-disciplinary research and teaching strengths will inform the course design and provide an intellectually rigorous, relevant and applied learning experience.

The MPA aims to prepare future leaders of public service with an understanding of public management in a cross-sectoral and modernising world. Lifting the policy gaze to compare regional, national, and international trends and critical issues in governance, public policy and management, students will be equipped to tackle the practical implications of policy implementation. Career opportunities in leadership, policy administration, management and research, are some of the prospects available in the exciting and diverse world of public and social-business organisations.

Why should I take an MPA?
  • The public sector is an increasingly complex place to work
  • Our need to understand policy issues is as great as ever and the solutions are ever more complex to deliver on the ground
  • The demands of citizens have never been higher
  • Governments are more intent on securing high quality, but at ever higher levels of efficiency in the use of resources
  • Managers need to be able to cope under pressure, respond to multiple stakeholders and work flexibly, often with partner institutions


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