Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ross Global MBA -JAM

The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan is built on core values designed to emulate those in contemporary business, and keep our MBA students connected to the business world. Simply put, the Ross difference is that its students' active participation becomes the mechanism for learning. That process is brought to fruition through our commitment to create a holistic management education - one that focuses on how one learns, as much as what one learns. The Global MBA takes this approach even further by incorporating this process into a MBA program offered exclusively to corporate managers.

The Ross Global MBA is designed to offer companies an opportunity to educate the managers targeted to lead their company into the future. At Ross, we clearly understand the educational needs of companies and their experienced managers. In addition to a solid MBA curriculum, managers expect diverse opportunities and best-of-class training in all disciplines -- from finance and marketing, to corporate strategy and entrepreneurial studies. They expect to have the opportunity to develop a personal network with elite managers from major international firms as well as with the Ross faculty. Likewise, they expect to be exposed to global perspectives and trends shared by both the faculty and classmates.

The Global MBA Program is carefully designed to meet these expectations by offering a balance of core skills, intellectual capital, and action-based learning to those managers who have won the support of their company.


Aya Matsuura


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