Sunday, August 05, 2007

TPLYGRND - DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University

Since 1952, McMaster University has offered a business program that has created many industry leaders. In 1992 the School of Business expanded due to the generous support of Canadian entrepreneur, Michael G. DeGroote.

Our benefactor's financial leadership, along with that of other major supporters, ensures that the DeGroote School of Business continues to be recognized as an international leader in innovative approaches to teaching, learning and service to the business community.


The DeGroote School of Business has earned a strong reputation as a centre for academic excellence and innovation. An integral part of our innovative culture is our focus on experiential learning that enables students to gain hands-on experience through Co-op work terms, internships and assignments that stimulate learning, and lead to personal development and discovery and enhance their ability to function effectively very quickly after moving into their career paths.

As a pioneer in the creation of the Co-op MBA model of learning, the DeGroote School of Business is the premier Co-op MBA School in Canada. We also offer full-time and part-time MBA options that meet the complex needs and learning styles of the leaders of tomorrow.

The same high standards that have built our reputation as The Co-op MBA School* also apply to our undergraduate internships. As a leader in creating the first formal Commerce Internship Program, McMaster University remains the largest in the country.

In addition, the School of Business and the Faculty of Engineering offer a five-year joint programme for the Bachelor of Engineering and Management (B.Eng.Mgmt.) degree. This highly regarded programme provides a full course of study in Engineering and includes a complete core of business subjects.

Our Health Services Management MBA specialization is the only program of its kind in Canada. It combines expertise found in McMaster’s renowned Faculty of Health Sciences and the School of Business with hands-on training gained through work experience in health care organizations.

The Directors College*, an innovative joint venture between McMaster University and the Conference Board of Canada, provides practically oriented corporate governance education to directors currently serving on the boards of Canadian corporations and prospective candidates for directorships.

The DeGroote School of Business is also home to the AIC Institute for Strategic Business Studies which includes an endowed Chair in Investment and Portfolio Management, two Professorships, an MBA program with specific focus on strategic business studies, and a certificate program on business valuation in continuing education for industry professionals. Generous scholarships have also been established in order to help recruit top talent into this competitive program.

Other innovative programs include the McMaster eBusiness Research Centre, and the Management of Innovation and New Technology program. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and include the Allen H. Gould Trading Floor, a state-of-the art facility utilizing 21 trading stations with real live financial data streaming from North American Exchanges and delayed data from International Exchanges. plus a 55 seat computer lab, a Decision Support Centre and two additional eBusiness labs equipped with a total of 30 computers, all equipped with the latest software.

McMaster prides itself on being known as a 'research intensive, student-centred university'. Our number one ranking in the University of Alberta’s ‘Canadian Business School Research Output and Impact Study’ illustrates DeGroote’s research intensiveness. As the number one intellectual capital developer in the field of management in Canada, no other business school produces more research than we do. However, we are also very student-centred in that our teaching ratings provided by students are consistently at an 'A' level. In other words, we produce the best management thinking in Canada and have the best talent to deliver it to our students effectively.
~ Nick Bontis, Ph.D. - Associate Professor & MSU Outstanding Professor of the Year

* “The Co-op MBA School” and “The Directors College” are official marks of McMaster University



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