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TBB - Joint MBA Program at George Washington University

The School also offers three joint degrees for our full-time MBA students. Through a special credit-hour transfer arrangement, students may pursue MBA/MSF degrees in conjunction with the MSF program in two or three years or MBA/JD degrees in conjunction with the GW Law School in three to four years. The same arrangement allows students to pursue MBA/MA degrees in conjunction with GW's Elliott School of International Affairs in two to three years.

Joint MBA/MSF Degree
The joint degree MBA/MSF combines the general management focus of the MBA with the highly quantitative curricula of the MSF allowing for maximum flexibility in career focus and opportunity. The program can be completed in either two or three years.

Students will complete the MBA core curriculum during rte first year followed by MBA electives and the MSF curriculum. The MBA/MSF offers advanced education for individuals with specific career interests in the areas of financial management and applied financial research. Emphasis is placed upon the theoretical foundations of finance and quantitative methods in financial management. Students will be engaged in applied research and modeling using a variety of large professional databases and computer software packages. The international and regulatory dimensions of finance are also explored in depth. The program focuses on Risk Management, Financial Engineering, Banking, Corporate Finance, and Portfolio Analysis and Management. It has been designed to combine quantitative and computer skills with financial theory and applications.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must apply to both programs simultaneously, meet the admission standards of both programs and be admitted to both programs in order to be eligible for the dual degree. Applicants are considered for Fall entry only. Admission standards are high for both the MBA and the MSF. The joint degree program is rigorous and intensive, particularly if completed within the two-year option. Applying to the joint degree program is a three-step process:

1. Apply to the MBA program online. You must complete the online application and provide all supplemental material.

2. Complete the GW on-line application for the MSF degree. The degree code for MSF is 100 and the field code is 337.

You do NOT need to submit another application fee. Complete the application only. All of your MBA supporting documents will be forwarded to the MSF program. Upon submitting the application (without the application fee) please notify Laraine Philiotis, MBA Director, at or by phone at 202-994-5536.

3. Complete the "Combined Program Application for Admission" and return it to Laraine Quinn via fax at 202-994-3571. This form along with copies of your MBA supporting documents will be forwarded to the MSF program. Please contact Ms. Valeria Bellagamba, MSF Associate Director, at or by phone at 202-994-1576 with questions regarding the MSF degree. It will take approximately two weeks to process your application.

Joint MBA/JD Degree
Students must be admitted to both the Law School and the Full-Time MBA separately. Both Schools must separately approve the student's applications to pursue a joint degree program. Students are required to submit separate applications and present official copies of the LSAT and GMAT. Students can normally complete the two degrees in four years of full-time study. The joint degrees must be conferred simultaneously and only after all requirements for both degrees have been met.

Once a student has been admitted to both schools as a joint degree candidate, the first year of study must be devoted exclusively to the prescribed law curriculum. After the first year of law studies, the Law School will allow 12 credit hours of course work completed in the master's program to count toward completion of the 84 credit hours required for the law degree. The Full-Time MBA Program permits up to 14 credits of Law School course work to count toward completion of the 54 credits required for the MBA.

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Joint International MBA/MA Program
The Joint International MBA-MA Degree Programs enable students to receive two separate diplomas: a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in International Business from the School of Business and one of six Master of Arts (MA) degrees offered by the Elliott School of International Affairs (International Affairs, International Trade and Investment Policy, Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies, and Russian and East European Studies). The Program is approximately 66 credits. Full-time students can complete all requirements for the Program in 2-21/2 years, compared to 2 years for the MBA or MA program. The program is open to full-time or part-time students.

Program Outlines
MA in International Affairs
MA in International Trade and Investment Policy
MA in Asian Studies
MA in European and Eurasian Studies
MA in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies


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