Wednesday, July 04, 2007

TINST - MSc in INternational Business,Michael Smurfit School of Business

The globalisation of competition is a major challenge facing business today. Managers worldwide are increasingly becoming subject to competition in the global marketplace. The MSc in International Business seeks to develop the student’s expertise in managing resources and functions in the context of business firms operating across national boundaries.

Goals of the MSc in International Business

• Acquire an update in the theory and practice of international business.
• Enhance learning and presentation skills by completing individual and group tasks.
• Gain and develop the skills needed to undertake research in an international setting.
• Evaluate the role of technology in international business with special focus on organisational/personal communication systems and styles.

Career Opportunities

The MSc IB Graduates programme is catered for participants who wish to gain employment principally with multinational enterprises (in Ireland and overseas), international financial services, leading consulting firms and government bodies and agencies.

Academic Structure

The MSc in International Business will target overseas as well as Irish students and their contribution is particularly important in enhancing the learning process. The programme design incorporates adult learning principles whereby students are encouraged to become selfdirected learners and take responsibility for their own learning. The programme content focuses on both theoretical developments and practice in the international business field. Programme activities are included to promote students’ critical analysis techniques and communication skills.

Semester One and Two

• International Business Management
• International Financial Management
• Global Competitive Strategies
• Global Logistics
• Supply Chain Management
• Competitive Advantage Through People
• 2 optional modules (1 Project Based)

During the third semester, all MSc Business students will participate in the Summer School offerings. These modules will focus on more generic international content and employ learning strategies which are designed to allow students display and deepen their specialist knowledge / competencies in a more applied way. Four modules are offered in the Summer School, one of which is project-based. This summer school offering is designed to attract visiting masters level students from some of our European exchange partners to participate in this part of the programme.

Summer School (May to August)

• Cross Cultural Management
• Doing Business in selected global region
• Organizational Consequences of Internationalisation
• Interdisciplinary Project

Optional Modules

Typical options pursued by students include:
• Financial Management
• Managing the Negotiation Process
• Business Planning & Project Management
• Management of Entrepreneurial and Small Business Organisations

MSc IB Students are encouraged (where possible) to select electives that best suit their learning aspirations and career plans.

Who Should Apply?

Applicants should have one of the following:
• A minimum second-class honours in a business degree
• An honours Higher Diploma in Business Studies
• A primary degree with a minimum of three years work experience

Applicants who are not native English speakers must have an English language qualification (TOEFL/IELTS)