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TEDP - MBS Supply Chain Management, Michael Smurfit School of Business

MBS Supply Chain Management

Do you want diversity, challenge and cutting edge theory and practice from a course? A course that combines strategic thinking, consulting, management, negotiation, leadership, and inter-organisational skills? Are you team-oriented with good analytical and communication skills? Then the Masters in Business Studies (MBS) in Supply Chain Management is the course for you.

The MBS in Supply Chain Management at UCD is one of the only Masters in Supply Chain Management courses in Ireland that you can do either full-time or part-time. The course will teach you not only the techniques and practices you need for managing strategy and operations within the firm it will also develop your thinking and management skills across the entire supply chain including supplier development and management, innovation generation, customer relationship management and systems thinking.

Supply Chain Management is one of the fastest growing business professions and is recognised as a differentiator for competitive advantage – competition is no longer company versus company, it is supply chain versus supply chain. This means thinking and working in a much more complex and varied environment where you must have the skills and abilities to manage suppliers and customers, as well as supplier’s suppliers and customer’s customers.

The MBS in Supply Chain Management gives you access to some of the world’s leading companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Intel, and Bombardier. As part of the course you will be part of a team of students who will complete a supply chain consulting project in a large multinational company, providing real-life consulting experience that will enhance your hiring potential. Students of the MBS in Supply Chain Management have gone on to work in a variety of different industries including consulting, consumer goods, pharamaceuticals, retail, logistics, internet and technology-related companies, with companies such as IBM, Accenture, Johnson and Johnson, Mars, Aldi, Microsoft, Dell, Intel and Zara to name but a few.

Academic Structure

Core Courses:
Research Methods
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Operations
Global Logistics
Supply Chain Planning and Control
Management of Technology and Innovation

Elective Courses:
Students are encouraged to choose electives that suit their career aspirations and the courses most likely to fulfill their personal demands. Typical electives pursued by students include:
Business Planning & Project Management
Business Process Redesign
Information Economics
Managing the Negotiation Process
Management Competencies
Management of Entrepreneurial & Small Business Organisations
Organisational Consequences of Internationalisation
Planning and Decision Techniques
Project Management
Strategic Management and Planning Management


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