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TSCRBB - Undergraduate Commerce at DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University

Program Overview - B.Com/Hon.B.Com
The School of Business offers two programs, each of which spans four levels of study. The Honours Commerce program, which leads to the Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Honours B.Com.) degree, provides substantial concentration in business subjects beyond the essential core of studies. The Commerce program, which leads to the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) degree, contains essential grounding in business subjects and promotes the broadening of horizons through studies in Social Sciences, Humanities and Science. These programs are referred to collectively as the Commerce programs.

In addition, the School of Business and the Faculty of Engineering offer a five-year joint program for the Bachelor of Engineering and Management (B.Eng.Mgt.) degree. This program provides a full course of study in Engineering and includes a complete core of business subjects. Details concerning the B.Eng.Mgt. program and its academic regulations can be found in Faculty of Engineering section of the Undergraduate Calendar, or visit the Engineering and Management website at

Also, the School of Business participates in the Committee of Instruction and offers courses for the B.A. program in Labour Studies which is described in Faculty of Social Sciences section of the Undergraduate Calendar.

In Level I, a student who wishes to pursue either of the Commerce programs establishes a foundation in behavioural science, computer science, economics and mathematics. Additionally, elective work is required, including cross cultural/language courses selected from a menu provided at the time of registration. While this course of study is prescribed in Business I, a student who establishes a similar background in the Level I program of another Faculty may also be considered for admission to Level II (Commerce II). Such a student should consult with the Academic Programs Office, School of Business.

A student must gain admission to Commerce II in order to proceed towards the Honours B.Com. or B.Com. degrees. In Level II a wide range of business subjects (accounting, finance, marketing, human resources/labour relations and management information systems) are introduced and further course work in economics is required. Elective work is taken from non-Commerce courses.

While the same core of required Commerce courses is completed in Level II, the Commerce programs diverge at Level III. In the Honours Commerce program, about two-thirds of the work is in Commerce courses, with the remainder of the load coming from electives outside the Faculty. In the Commerce program, about one-half of the course work is in each of Commerce subjects and non-Commerce electives.

In the revised programs, the School of Business has stressed the importance of breadth of knowledge. Students will be required to take courses in a variety of business disciplines, thus giving them a sound understanding of business functions and their relationships. They will also have exposure to international and cross-cultural issues. This will provide students with the knowledge needed for the world of global organizations. Prior to graduation, students will be required to complete two courses from the International / Cross-Cultural / Language menu.

Students can take Business I and the Commerce programs on a full-time or part-time basis. Progression to the next level is at the end of the successful completion of the 30 units of work that pertain to the lower level. Please note that only a few Commerce courses are offered in the evenings or in the summer sessions.

A student with an undergraduate degree will not be admitted or readmitted to either of the Commerce programs. Such students may wish to apply for admission to the MBA program.


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