Friday, October 12, 2007

TAF4 - London Business School MBA

Why a London Business School MBA?

Studying for an MBA is one of the most important decisions you can make, and choosing the right programme is vital. So why study at London Business School? What can we offer you?

A global network

The London Business School MBA provides you with a truly global network and unlimited opportunities to increase your cultural mobility. Our international mix of students and faculty gives you a crucial advantage in today's competitive marketplace:

Students from over 70 countries speaking 54 languages
Over 90 world class faculty representing over 30 countries
Over 25,000 alumni across 100 countries
34 International Exchange partner schools
7 Global Advisory Boards

The London advantage

We also offer you the chance to study in London, a global powerhouse of finance and business. Our location in the heart of a capital city gives us – and you – superb access to recruiters. International banks, top consulting firms and major industry players are regular visitors to campus, and our proximity to Europe allows easy access to the continent. A gateway to new and emerging markets, London is also at the heart of entrepreneurial activity. It is one of the world's great cultural centres, and a uniquely exciting place in which to live.

An innovative curriculum

Our rigorous and practical MBA curriculum is delivered in a flexible 15-21 month format. Projects and teamwork are key to developing the skills you need to become a global business leader. We strive constantly to improve the quality of our MBA, and recently interviewed over 100 CEOs to find out what they value in business leaders. Along with feedback from recruiters and students, these findings have led us to instigate a number of curriculum changes to our Programme this year. For full details, please click here.

A thriving campus community

It's not all work. Partners and children are an integral part of the community, and there is a wide and varied social scene. Student clubs make a vital contribution to our community and students are responsible for initiating numerous conferences throughout the year. Clubs are active in almost every imaginable professional, sporting and cultural area; some of the most popular clubs on campus include:

Private Equity Club
Women in Business Club
Rugby Club
Wine and Cheese Club
Latin America Club

Programme details
Our rigorous and practical curriculum gives you time to study immersed in an outstandingly international environment. First year core courses provide students with the knowledge and frameworks of general management, while our wide elective portfolio makes the second year one of choice, allowing you to really differentiate yourself. Keep your options open, or choose a concentration from one of six subject areas.

Reciprocal elective enrolment with University College London will allow you a selection of science and technology and real estate electives.

Not every effective business leader develops from the same point. Recent innovations focus on supporting your individual development needs through increased choice, flexibility and speed.

Course waivers for students who already have substantial competence in economics, accounting, statistics or information technology
Flexible credit requirements allow you to take a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 12 elective courses.

Both these options increase the versatility of your personal programme – by enabling you to take an additional elective course in another area of interest, or to complete your class room studies early, possibly by December of your second year.

Our MBA is not purely about knowledge, it is also about developing the skills you need to become a global leader.

We have allocated twice as much time to our highly successful Professional Development Programme, allowing you the opportunity for skills development in your second year and much broader access to our portfolio.
Career Services Skills Development will help you devise a realistic career strategy and prepare more thoroughly for interviews and handling offers of employment. CSSD counts as one credit.


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