Thursday, October 11, 2007

T3 - MA in Politics/Economics/Business & MS in Advancd Management, The Drucker School, Claremont University

The Master of Arts in Politics, Economics and Business (“MAPEB”) is a unique transdisciplinary degree program that provides a cutting-edge perspective on local and international concerns with particular relevance to public sector and nonprofit management.

At Claremont, we are in the enviable position of being able to draw from the best of management, politics and economics to offer a unique and valuable degree program. The MAPEB is developed around the synergy between the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management and the School of Politics and Economics. This collaboration enables our students to successfully engage in multi-disciplinary study related to public sector and nonprofit management. While other universities focus on each of these disciplines in isolation, at CGU, we have found that understanding the interrelations between fields is crucial to professional success and future opportunities.

In this innovative degree program, students gain a blend of analytical skill, practical experience and technical training useful in many environments. Politics responds to and shapes the environment in which all businesses operate and provides useful information about the processes and impacts of decisions. Knowledge of the fundamentals of economics and management provides the student with a comparative advantage when competing for key employment opportunities in the private, nonprofit, public, and research environments. The analytical tools we provide in economics and statistics are increasingly fundamental to success in a variety of positions in business, government and non-profit organizations.

Business and government relations are becoming more complex at both the local and the global level. The greater Los Angeles area provides abundant community-centered opportunities as well as access to the Pacific Rim and Latin America, allowing for both local and international applications of the concepts explored in the unique learning environment that is Claremont. Opportunities for practical application can be developed through a variety of interesting internships and research projects.

The Master of Science in Advanced Management (MSAM) is an innovative degree program that is designed for students who already have completed an MBA and are seeking additional study in a custom-designed advanced management degree program. It is ideal for students who wish to develop a competitive advantage in a focused area of management, such as strategy, leadership, marketing, or finance, and for senior-level executives who received their MBAs early in their careers, but desire additional education to match their changing responsibilities.

In the MSAM program you will work with an advisor to design a program of study that ventures beyond theory—spirited interaction with faculty and peers is a key aspect of the educational process, with benefits for both participants and their organizations. Students generally will take courses offered in our management program, however those with significant management or professional work experience may be eligible to participate in classes offered by our executive program.

Because an MBA degree is a required prerequisite for admission to the program, there is a high level of flexibility to the degree requirements. As a Master of Science degree, the program has a significant research component and will include at least 12 units of research methods courses that can be taken in areas that are directly relevant to your advanced management objectives. In addition, you will complete 20 units of coursework in your chosen area of concentration. As part of the MSAM program you will be able to participate in management seminar courses along with Ph.D. students in management. In the event that you are interested in seeking a Ph.D. from the Drucker School, you can apply for admission to that program as you approach completion of the MSAM, and your coursework in the MSAM will count towards the unit requirement of the Ph.D. However, keep in mind that the Drucker Ph.D. program is small by design and that few students are admitted and then only after a careful assessment of fit with the research orientations of our faculty and our assessment of the student’s potential to be successful in our Ph.D. program.

If you are a senior-level manager looking for personal and professional growth, stimulating interaction, and valuable insights on leadership and strategy, or if you are earlier in your career and are seeking a focused degree that can enable you to move ahead professionally or as an entrée to a Ph.D. program, you should consider this degree program. Also, if you are an international student who already holds an MBA, and you are looking for the opportunity to study in the U.S., this program is a great opportunity to gain additional leadership and strategic skills at a school that prides itself on its innovative approach to both subjects. The MSAM can be completed on two semesters of full-time coursework or over a longer period on a part-time/fully-employed basis


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