Sunday, August 05, 2007

TFLR - John Molson MBA Program at Concordia University

The John Molson MBA Program emphasizes the use of case studies of real companies' current issues to give you a comprehensive understanding of various business situations in a global 21st century context. Through case studies, you will learn how to:

Develop analytical tools for intelligent decision-making
Understand the sociological, ethical and political implications of certain decisions
Integrate analytical, interpersonal and communications skills with the management of human capital, technology and information
Establish goals, work in a team, delegate, and set and meet deadlines
Manage conflict and pressure, make tough decisions and take well-calculated risks
You'll not only learn from a group of leading-edge faculty, but also from your peers - a diverse and select entrepreneurial-minded student body. At the end of this educational experience, you'll think differently. You’ll know how to develop and apply strategies that work in an increasingly complex and global environment. You'll know how to think like a leader. You'll know how to be a leader.

Program Structure

The John Molson MBA is a 57-credit program consisting of nineteen 3-credit courses. Full-time students normally complete the program within 16 months to 2 years, while part-time students take 3-5 years.

Students with an undergraduate business degree may qualify for the accelerated MBA which reduces the number of credits for students accepted into the accelerated MBA program from 57 to 45.

The first part of the MBA program is made up of 12 core courses, which provide an integrated body of practical skills that serve as a foundation.

In the second part of the MBA, students have the choice of 3 paths to graduation. We offer you the opportunity to really shape your degree to fit your personal objectives.

During the second part of the MBA, a student may also elect to follow one of our specializations.


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