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TMATP - Combined LL.B./MBA Program at Queen's School of Business

Overview of Combined Program
The Program will facilitate a closer integration of studies in law and business and will prepare students for the practice of law and/or a career in business administration. By the conclusion of their studies, students will be fully able to apply their knowledge and understanding to the resolution of theoretical and practical problems in either discipline.
Queen’s LL.B. and MBA degrees will be conferred at the completion of the Combined Program after all requirements for both degrees have been completed.

Please note: A maximum of eight candidates will be admitted each year to the Combined Program.

Program Structure
Year One: The first year would be spent taking a first year course load in the LL.B. program

Year Two: The second year would be spent taking upper year elective courses in the LL.B. program, including the Second Year Compulsory Course of Appellate Advocacy – Moots

Year Three: The third year (academic year of May to May) would be spent fulfilling all of the course obligations in the Queen’s Full-Time MBA Program

Year Four: The fourth year would be spent fulfilling the remaining course requirements in the LL.B. Program.

Moreover, students within the Combined Program must successfully complete:

the Upper Year Compulsory Course of Civil Procedure .
at least 8 credits in ‘management-related’ law courses (these courses are identified in the Faculty of Law Calendar and include: administrative law; business law; law and economics; tax law; and labour law).
at least 5 credits in technology-related law courses which include: copyright law, patent law, trademark law, cyberlaw and policy, intellectual property law, competition law).
Students enrolled in the Combined Program will additionally be permitted to use up to 6 credits in the Queen’s MBA program as credits that can be used toward completion of the LL.B. degree (the “cross-crediting program”).

Accelerated Path to Combined Program
A student may complete the Combined Program within 3 ½ years (instead of the normal four years). After fulfilling the first year LL.B. course requirements, students may take courses in the International Law Spring Program at the International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, United Kingdom in Year Two.
Students who pursue this option can earn 9 credits in the International Business Law Module, which count as credits for purposes of the LL.B. degree. If a student earned 9 courses through the International Business Law Module - as well as 6 credits through the cross-crediting program - they would earn a combined total of 15 credits toward their LL.B. degree, which would permit them to complete the Combined Program by the end of December of the fourth year.

Application Process
Application to the Combined Program will require separate, simultaneous applications to the Faculty of Law and the School of Business. To begin the Law application, please proceed to the Queen’s Faculty of Law.
Applicants who are accepted into the Combined Program will be guaranteed a place in both the Faculty of Law and the School of Business as long as they complete the requirements under each program.

The minimum requirements for admission to the Combined Program are:

A four-year undergraduate degree from a recognized university. Successful candidates will typically possess a minimum B+ average (roughly equivalent to 75%) in the final two years of their undergraduate program.
All applicants must write the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and the General Management Admission Test (GMAT). The minimum LSAT score is 157 (72nd percentile). The minimum GMAT score is 600.
If applicable, an acceptable score on one of the approved English facility tests (TOEFL, IELTS, or MELAB).











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