Saturday, August 05, 2006

How to Put Music onto Your Blog

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I have been asked many times about how to put music video onto a blog page. So I am telling you how to cope with this as I think this will help your blog look much more interesting and exciting. It is a piece of cake of a lot of people anyway.

As each blog site may have its own code format of media player, then some player codes here may not be working for your blog but mostly it works.

How to put your own video/audio onto your blog

If you'd like to display your own video/audio on your blog page, it is a bit complicated as your have to upload your file and get a direct link to place in the media player code you are using.

I will skip the process of doing your video/audio recording. I mean you already have a video/audio file and I will be talking about uploading only files with .wmv or .wma extentions to a hosting website.

1. Find and get the right hosting website.

This is very important as in practice a lot of hosts don't support hosting of video/audio files though it clearly said that we can upload video/audio files onto it. Please check if it is working before you publish your entry. Web hosting can be for free or cost you some money. It is upto your budget but I think as amateur bloggers, we prefer free web hosting!!!

2. Upload you video/audio file onto the host.

A direct link to your file is then generated.

3. Get the direct link (URL) of the file uploaded and hosted.

The link ends up with .wmv or .rm. You use this link.

4. Place it in the following media player code you use.

Please make sure that all codes must be placed onto HTML page.

Windows Media Player (.wmv)

As I can't put the code in this page. Please find one with the word "RAOCXplayer"

I use this media player code because right-clicking is not allowed. So no one can see the source of the file to secure your file but if they do want to do that, they can find some other way around to get it but it helps a lot anyway as a lot of people are not so computer-literate.

You can change the size of the frame and so on as you'd like.

As far as ready-to-use music video codes are concerned, there are a number of websites providing these codes for free, most of them already generate music video links with player so you don't have to do the above procedure. Just get the whole code and place it onto your blog's HTML page.

So you can enjoy watching and listening to over 1,000 Music Videos in this blog of mine by clicking here. Those songs/music videos are not just English songs but also from Asian countries like Japan, Korean, China and Thailand.

Enjoy It!