Saturday, August 05, 2006

How to Make Your Blog Famous (over 15,000 hits a day!! - SEO)

Illustration 1 Link Popularity of when compared to other famous music websites (Please click the image for larger size to see the details.)

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What I am now talking about is directly from my experiences in running an blog ( that you all have already visited(I believe). So far I have run the blog for only 9 months with over 1 million hits using the counter at management console and some more to crosscheck the statistics.

Currently the number of hits is approximately 13,000-18,000 a day!!! It is true. Believe me!!!

The only secret of this is SEO standing for Search Engine Optimization which is some kind of Search Engine Marketing. We will get to know it later.

In the first 5-6 months, I did not promote my blog at all just running another blog at but later I made links to the exteen blog to lower load of work taking care of 2 blogs. It could be some kind of blog promotion anyway ^^"

Actually the contents in my blog is another key success factor but it just helps keep people coming in.

But why my blog is quite famous despite the fact that I did not promote it at all just kept posting and posting until one day the blog was ranked No.1 at ranked no.1 and you can see the evidence by clicking this, go to the homepage and see the chart)???

The Key Success Factor is SEO, Search Engine Optimization, a method of search engine marketing.

To prove that what I am talking about is true, I have pasted above an image of link popularity statistics of bignose blog compared to that of some famous music websites in Thailand and a music website from overseas.

Actually I have implemented SEO strategy by accident since I had no educational background on search engine marketing or optimization at all. What I did in compliance with SEO method is I use a huge number of the word "MV" probably over 1,000 times as I update my blog everyday with 1-10 music videos!!!

Therefore when you come to search for a music video using the word "MV", you will see bignose blog as the first ranked on Google's search result page. This also happens to that when you use the word "bignose", "exteen" though sometimes it comes up as 2-5th result but I can guarantee that bignose blog will pop up at the first page of Google search result page!!!.

Another thing is that I showed every music video in the landing page aimed at helping visitors find songs quick and easy. I think this helps a lot.

After 8 months since the creation of the bignose blog, I changed the description of the blog from "Love Me, Love My Blog"(which is nothing to Googlebot as long as your blog is about music!!) to "Music Online ฟังเพลง ออนไลน์" that the last 2 words are in Thai to capture Googlebot attention!!! I was turning smarter!!

I did nothing on inserting keywords into meta tag or tag script or something like that as I don't know how to do that even now.

All this is done by natural SEO implementation!!