Sunday, August 13, 2006

Make Money from Your Blog / Diary!!!

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I have been asked this question many times how to make money from my blog though I have not got the real money yet. At least it could help you cover costs of internet access or monthly mobile phone charge as I think you guys have at least 1-2 blogs to look after. Don't feel discouraged if you find how many pageviews a day I get.

You don't need to have hundreds of visitors to draw. Just stay focused on good keywords and keep posting good contents onto your blog or diary. It will take some time maybe 1-2 months or weeks to see good earning figure displayed on your Google Adsense's report.

Before creating a Google Adsense account, you have to be prepared first!!!

It is very important in a sense that you can save time and make money quick and big. If you already have a blog or diary, make sure that you can be allowed to put advertisings onto your blog. If no, create a new one.

There are some easy steps to do before waiting and seeing money coming in!!!

1. Think about what contents you are covering or you are interested in to make sure that you can keep posting regularly meaning more money.

2. Check if your keywords are of good paying or not and number of search done on those keywords. Make a good compromise between keyword value and number of search to ensure that you can make money quick and big.Check your keywords at

3. Create a blog that advertisings are allowed. I recommend as it is easy to manage your account and importantly it is under Google's umbrella.

4. Create a Google adsense account. You must get to know Google's regulations and all that. Read carefully terms of service to avoid being banned.

5. No click fraud, please. It is no good and violates Google adsense's rules!!! Ohterwise you will get banned forever.

6. Optimise your blog page to maximise your profit!!!