Saturday, August 26, 2006

Open Source Content Management Software Makes Your Life Easy

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For those who'd like to do their own website or blog and no matter how the site or blog is complicated, now it is time to manage your blog easily but still effectively.

Content Management Solution helps solve this.

I have been talking to friends on blogging as well as making money via Google Adsense and found that maybe only 1% of them realize this business opportunity( Actually I have been interested in internet marketing for over 2-3 years as I can see its power of accessing to a huge number of people while you are staying at home. So when I just heard of Adsense, I did not hesitate to get involved.) Probably they don't know how to get started or find it too difficult to cope with.

One of the things that make it difficult to get into internet business is that it requires computer science knowledge to deal with it. This is a market entry barrier! Thus there is still a very large room to play in this business for new comers like me and you guys here.

However now we seem to have a new solution to address such a problem. Open source content management software is a solution that allows you to build up your website or blog easily, quickly and effectively. It is very user-friendly like any other new-generation application softwares.

Currently there are many content management software that are available for free. I have tried using one and quite impressed. It is "wordpress"( In fact I was supposed to use it just because I was looking for a new blog as a back-up one in case blogtoboom is out of order or even closed. Wordpress gives you freedom in categorizing your posts and you can freely place your adsense ads at any part in your blog. However as I know wordpress content management system supports only blog applications. You can download wordpress CMS for free and get started building your own blog right away.

Another popular CMS is Joomla ( but I have never tried using it.