Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Free Hosting for Videos

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Well, according to some post of mine regarding "how to put music onto your blog", in case that you'd like to braodcast your own home/music videos, you have to make sure that the host on which you have uploaded files is working properly. It is rare to find a good free host for videos however there have been more and more sites generated to support this kind of service.

One of the most popular and technically reliable is If you have tons of traffic, it is recommended. I have never tried it but I know from a website fixing a traffic problem by switching to this site hosting a very popular music video to handle thousands of access a day.

Recently castpost stops getting members but you can fill your email in a blank provided for an invitation when memberships are available. is a good one but sometimes it is now working probably depending on the traffic volume. However it is difficult to find a URL link that works for broadcasting your video on your blog or website. is the second best in my view as it always works however the URL link generated will not end up with .wmv, or any extensions. It is confusing by its management control. You can easily find a URL link to use for your blog/website by usin flashget or any download manager software. Before downloading you will see a link with a word "binary", that is the link you can use for video broadcasting. The space you can have is 250 MB! is the best in anyway. It is the best for broadcasting videos for Thai as the server is located in Thailand.

I will add more later if I find more interesting hosting websites for videos.