Saturday, September 09, 2006

Use Specific Headline as Keywords to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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You know now there are millions of articles that guide you how to make your blog famous, how to drive traffic to your blog, how to make money from your blog but only a small number of articles that give you unique and practical ways to achieving that. Experiences help!

Today I am still somewhere around creating keywords to drive traffic to your beloved site or blog. I am not talking about top paying keywords. Just make your blog famous, keep your guests coming in everyday and then make money from that.

One of the most difficult things in the blogsphere especially when using free-blog-hosting like mine is to generate traffic to your blog. I have discovered a new way but maybe old for some people.

These days I notice that each day tens of visitors have come to my blog using search engines. The point is that the keywords are "how to put music on your blog" or "how to put music in your blog" or more or less the same.

I found that my blog is displayed in the first page when using the keywords "how to put music on your blog" or it is ranked in the second page when the keywords "put music on your blog" is used. Interestingly I just posted this entry for less than 1 month competing against 131,000,000 result pages sought by Google.

Does SEO-Search Engine Optimization work well? Probably yes or partially.

My assumption and advice is that using more specific keywords as a topic or headline of your post is a new way to effectively drive traffic to your blog. Start it with "how to" could be a good way.