Saturday, September 02, 2006

When Talk-of-the-Town Matters

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In the previous post, I mentioned on 6 tips to drive traffic to a blog. It is the first article I submited to some 10 article sites in exchange of traffic. Now it has born fruit but just to some degree. At least there are results when I do a search using my name in English.

Let's go straight to the point, the last tip said something about hot keywords that could never be bid as it's just a talk-of-the-town.

When I saw the news on TV about that Gillian Chung was victimized by Paparazzi in Genting, Malaysia 2 weeks ago when she adjusted her bra at the backstage during a concert. I made me "google" to see what is going out there to one of my favorite actresses though I have seen only a couple of her movies. She is also a popular singer grouped with another Hong Kongese singer in the name of "Twins". If I am not wrong, some song of her is listed in my blog.

The keywords I used were "Gillian Chung Naked" and I got some 58,ooo search results. It is such a small number of search results when compared to other keywords like "content management", "domain name register" and others that are bid at high prices. However the keywords "Gillian Chung Naked" are worthless in the eyes of internet marketers as no one bids for these words.

It is nothing in terms of cost per click or bid price but it does matter on traffic.

When I surfed the internet seeking this news, I also checked the number of visitors of the site I was visiting. I discovered that the sites which covered this hot news were flooded by visitors and double or triple the number of unique visitors. Those sites also run adsense!

So you can drive traffic to your blog using talk-of-the-town words though it is commercially useless. However the situation could be better, if those words cover words like "Britney Spears" which make money though it is cheap.