Friday, September 15, 2006

Where to Blog You

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When surfing the internet looking for a good blog directory to post here, i found this list and was impressed by the given descriptions regarding each blog host. I think you will love it and can weigh which one suits you best. Credits to Most of them are categorized by locations and interests.

5 Star Blogs - a growing human edited blog search directory. By submiting your blog to 5 Star Blogs, you will have the opportunity to gain more exposure to new readers and increase your blog's traffic. Blog listings feature user rankings, reviews and carefully hand-crafted screenshots. Only "5 Star" blogs need apply. Blogs must be in English. No X-rated, illegal, unethical blogs allowed

BBC Blog Network - Find and talk to the BBC's bloggers - Directory of blogs containing articles and reviews aimed at specific interests ranging from cunlinary arts to celebrity gossip

Birmingham Bloggers - bloggers from Birmingham, England - A directory for Weblogs in Spanish

Bitadir - A new directory for Weblogs in Spanish - a directory of recently updated weblogs and tools for tracking interesting weblogs, in the spirit of services like,, and blogtracker

Blog Africa - open listing of Africa-related weblogs

Blog Catalog - a listing of Blogs from all around the World. The Blogs listed in Blog Catalog range from Political Blogs to Sport Blogs. Blog Catalog is the ideal site for users looking to Submit A Blog and for users Searching For A Blog. If you don't see a Blog category that fits your Blog you can always recommend one. Suggestions to Blog Catalog are always welcome

Blog Flux - created as the spiritual successor to the Eatonweb Portal

Blog Hot or Not - view random blogs and rate them from 1 to 10

The Blog Hunter - searchable index of weblogs, along with reviews, ping and trackback services, and a Blog O the Week feature

Blog Universe - Blog directory categorized by genre

Blogarama - Search and enjoy web logs from all over the world - Latin American Webloggers Community

Bloggeries - a new blog directory. It is a list of categorized blogs from all around the world. Free and paid submissions are available

Bloggernity - searchable subject index of blogs

blogging ecosystem - Regularly updated link-based ranking of a number of weblogs and related sites

Blogging Network - Provides Web-based blogging that earns the writer money. Blogs by professionals and new writers creates a real-time exchange of ideas, news and articles. Since it is a network even new blogs find an existing audience. Readers can use the constantly updated search/directory function and browse blogs by category, popularity and newest posts

bloggoggle - a customized directory of blogging professionals

BlogHop - Someone had to put all that chaos there!

Bloginality - weblogger personality types. Find your type and others the same - a blog directory intended to make searching and finding blogs about your interests extremely easy. There are many ways to search for blogs on the blogion system. Blogs can be found by language, country, keywords, pre-defined categories, and even by blog host

BlogsCanada - listing over 10,000 blogs

blogs4God - A semi-definitive list of Christian webloggers

BlogStreet - Find out your Neighbourhood of related blogs, Search Engine, Who's BlogRolling you, RSS Discovery and Top 100 Blogs - Blog directory featuring 100% free submission. Best optimized for search engines

Blogtagstic - an English language human moderated blog directory. All links in this blog directory go straight to the bloggers site without redirects to improve your blogs backlinks. Visitors can browse the blogs in this directory by using tags, tags are how blogs are categorised in this directory Blog Directory - Human edited free blog directory - the blog genealogy site. You can register your blogs and record which blogs inspired their creation. You can also search for existing blogs and view which blogs they in turn inspired

Blogwise - bringing you a collection of categorised blogs from around the world. Whatever your taste, interest and culture - there's bound to be a blog out there written by a person just like you

British Blog Directory - BritBlog - A directory of blogs written by British people from all over the world

Canadian Blogs Directory - Shamelessly plugging

Danish weblogs - blogs from Denmark

dcmetroblogmap - the incredibly spiffy map where you can find bloggers in the D.C. metro area, arranged by metro station

DFW Blogs - bloggers in and around Dallas/Forth Worth

Diary Registry - The Definitive Directory of Online Journals and Diaries Today there are thousands of people all over the world chronicling their lives on the web. In order to help you navigate this fast-growing community

Diarist.Net - is proud to present The Diary Registry. Now indexing more than five thousand sites, it is the largest and most definitive resource for finding online journals and diaries

DirLog - Brazilian Weblog Database

eatonweb portal - 14913 weblogs as of 11.21.03

Euroblogs - list of European weblogs categorized by the home country of its maintainers

GeekPhilosopher - a directory of weblogs accessible by location, topic, or language. Listings include blog excerpts to help new readers locate blogs of shared interests

Get Linked - a database for Weblog and Journal links. Have a link? Add it. Or, just browse the links - human edited directory of blogs and blog related information. Each and every submission made to the directory is reviewed by a real person and all URL's are checked to ensure they point to an actual blog or blog specific resource

Global Voices - a country-by-country aggregation of world blogs: Translations of and links to selected postings from blogs around the world

globe of blogs - specifically for weblogs and blogs. Please do not submit commercial sites, generic personal sites (i.e. poetry, pictures of your dog, etc.), journals or online diaries

High Class Blogs - a non profit directory that lists only interesting blogs of high quality. Awards are given out at the end of each quarter for the best blog in each category

Indiana Blogs! - Exploring Hoosierdom through blogging - compiled by Greg Schwartz

Industry Blogs - cataloging the emerging business blogoshpere. If you are a business blogger please submit your blog to the directory, and subscribe to the category RSS feeds to be notified of new blogs in your Industry

Jewish Blogs - A community website for the Greater Washington, DC Jewish community

LA Blogs - bloggers in and around Los Angeles

The Lefty Directory - A central directory of politically-oriented blogs who identify with liberalism or the left

LeftyBlogs - the place to find out what's happening in the progressive blogosphere across the country, in every state

Library weblogs - for or by librarians

Linked - Weblog and Journal Database

London Bloggers - zoom in on the London Underground map or find your nearest station and discover the bloggers who live nearby

LS Blogs - The directory for bloggers, Submit or find Blogs, Blog Directories, forums and resources

metapitas - Jennifer's picks of interesting pitas

MozillaZine: Weblogs - directory of the blogs hosted by MozillaZine featuring developers and those involved with the Mozilla line of products including Firefox, Thunderbird, and Bugzilla

Nolablogs - Listings from the New Orleans, Louisiana area

nyc bloggers - - A map of New York City that shows where the bloggers are, organized by subway stop. Find out who's blogging in your neighborhood!

Online Writers Directory - everyone is welcome to add a link to their blog

Open Directory - web logs - Sorted by subject, with a tools section

Open Weblog Directory - Lists sites that are regularly updated

ORBlogs - Oregon Weblogs

The Pepys Project - The purpose of this is to collect URL's for web logs, diaries, and journals from around the world, indexed by geographical area and then country - latest updated sites

[ P O P B L O G ] - a tiny directory for all blogs on pop culture, from music to movies to the plain weird stuff.

Research Blogs - An annotated list that can be used by researchers and academics

San Diego Bloggers - Sites must be updated frequently and originate somewhere in San Diego County, California

seablogs - Seattle weblog portal

Small Business Blog Directory - It includes blogs that are written by small business for small business. Its purpose is for small business owners to find what they need without having to search all over the place and dig through oodles of categories to get to just the right nugget of information

TheVital.Net - a searchable, categorized directory of blog and news sites

Vancouver Bloggers - from Vancouver, Canada - lists recently updated weblogs

Wil's Domain - categorized directory to blogs from around the world

Zeal - Community-built directory

Xenoblogs - Weblogs from outside the USA