Sunday, September 17, 2006

Miho Nakayama vs. Misaki Ito

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Have you guys even watched a Japanese Series, Densha Otoko or Trainman? I watched this series a couple of times just because I thought Miho Nakayama (her photo is on the left hand side) starred in this series and I wondered why she still looks great(yes, she is) and never heard of her appearance in movies or series for years. Yesterday I discovered that it was the wrong person as the one playing Saori(Hermes) is Misaki Ito!(the right hand side photo) It is not Miho.

They look alike so much.

I am updating a MV (Densha Otoko) featuring Misaki Ito(just a little bit) and a MV starred by Miho Nakayama in Love Letter dated back to the year 1995.