Saturday, August 26, 2006

Open Source Content Management Software Makes Your Life Easy

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For those who'd like to do their own website or blog and no matter how the site or blog is complicated, now it is time to manage your blog easily but still effectively.

Content Management Solution helps solve this.

I have been talking to friends on blogging as well as making money via Google Adsense and found that maybe only 1% of them realize this business opportunity( Actually I have been interested in internet marketing for over 2-3 years as I can see its power of accessing to a huge number of people while you are staying at home. So when I just heard of Adsense, I did not hesitate to get involved.) Probably they don't know how to get started or find it too difficult to cope with.

One of the things that make it difficult to get into internet business is that it requires computer science knowledge to deal with it. This is a market entry barrier! Thus there is still a very large room to play in this business for new comers like me and you guys here.

However now we seem to have a new solution to address such a problem. Open source content management software is a solution that allows you to build up your website or blog easily, quickly and effectively. It is very user-friendly like any other new-generation application softwares.

Currently there are many content management software that are available for free. I have tried using one and quite impressed. It is "wordpress"( In fact I was supposed to use it just because I was looking for a new blog as a back-up one in case blogtoboom is out of order or even closed. Wordpress gives you freedom in categorizing your posts and you can freely place your adsense ads at any part in your blog. However as I know wordpress content management system supports only blog applications. You can download wordpress CMS for free and get started building your own blog right away.

Another popular CMS is Joomla ( but I have never tried using it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This website makes 100,000 US Dollars a month from Google Adsense.

Photo by Paul Sakuma, AP : The Google booth at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, Calif. Attendees discussed the booming "search economy."

Its revenues have jumped up from 60 UDS in the first month to 100,000 USD a month at present!!!.

According to's article on 14th of August, 2006, the owners of the website,, David Miles Jr., 20, and friend Kato Leonard, 21 started running the website in 2005 just to help MySpace members add graphic layouts to their personal blog pages. They didn't know that they were changing their life!!

A cheque of 60 US dollars was the first one they got for the first month placing adsense ads on the website. I think it is a bit of luck as well since at the time, MySpace was skyrocketing in terms of popularity and there were not so many good layout creators to serve such high demand.They came up at the right time.

To most people, the website does not look attractive at all, frankly speaking!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

The phrase "California Mortgage for Mesothelioma Lawyer" is valued at 5,000 US Dollars or 200,000 Baht a Day!!!

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I am not joking!!! Just the word "Mesothelioma" alone is valued at approximately 30-50 US Dollars or equivalent to 2,000 Thai Baht per 1 single click!!! according to the data I digested and retrieved from various websites. Months ago it was bid at about 100 US Dollars a click.

What is "Mesothelioma" then?

It is an uncommon type of lung cancer caused by explosure to asbestos. Those who suffer from this kind of disorder may therefore require special medical treatment hence exceptionally high medical treatment charge. This implies the chance to survive is extremely slim(I think and I am quite sure ^^) so "Let's sue the employer for some big compensation!!!". It is worth for advertisers drawing customer prospects by bidding big on such a keyword.

For your information, taken from, it said about mesothelioma that "most people who develop mesothelioma have worked on jobs where they inhaled asbestos particles, or have been exposed to asbestos dust and fibre in other ways, such as by washing the clothes of a family member who worked with asbestos, or by home renovation using asbestos cement products."

It seems anyone of us can be exposed to asbestos as it is of cement products!!!

By the way, nevertheless according to the Overtue keyword tool, the maximum bid price is only at 9-10 US Dollars!!!

241,299 searches were done by Google in June on "Mesothelioma" followed by the phrase "Mesothelioma Lawyer" with 74,513 searches, the top and the second bid keywords respectively as far as mesothelioma is concerned.

"California Mortgage" is usually top-bid at about 10 US Dollars, quite low when compared to "Mesothelioma".

Why California Mortgage???

No ideas!!! I just notice that many keywords always come with the word "California" such as California Divorce Lawyer, etc.

Generally top paying keywords are usually associated with 3 fields, medical, financial and legal areas.

So for the phrase, "California Mortage for mesothelioma lawyer", all the words combined with 100 clicks a day could be valued at 5,000 US Dollars. Think conservative, make it only 50% as it is rare to have the word "mesothelioma" ads displayed on your website hence 2,500 USD a day for small website like mine. But how about high-traffic websites like 200 or 500 clicks a day with medical or legal affairs-oriented contents???!!!!!

Making 5,000 US dollars a day using such keywords(top paying keywords with a huge number of search) is possible this way!!!

PS. My methodology is subjective and just for fun but it is possible, isn't it?

Google to Join Forces with Viacom Inc.'s MTV Network, Any Implication to My Blog?

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According to an article posted on on Sunday, Aug, 6, 06 that Google that joins forces with Viacom Inc.'s MTV network is in a test of distributing video clips retrieved from MTV Network to web explorers over Google's advertising network. The test is being carried out around the 21th of this month and will last about 4 weeks.

The videos to be distributed(mostly music videos I think) will come with advertising videos that is a new cutting edge of Google after great success of Adsense and Adwords.

In my opinion, I think they are on the right track that people tend to find the easiest way to consume or digest information they are facing. Watching and listening are much easier than reading!!! Having fun watching is even better.

In a nutshell, I think it is a good news to internet-addicted people, Google's ads publishers as well as me myself since I have another source of music video codes then.

You, as a consumer, can also enjoy watching videos, putting videos onto your blog and making money at the same time.

Many Thanks to GooGod!!!

Get Yourself A Blog Quick!!

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I am serious! You must get yourself a blog as soon as possible if you don't have one or eventhough you've already got 1, 2 or 3 blogs/diaries, you have to concentrate on at least 1 blog and look after it seriously.

It is much worthier than you think!!!

In near future, I guess every businessman has to have his blog address stated in his business cards. They are conducting customer relationship management(CRM) in a unigue and different way. People can get to know you deeply reading your blog. They can share experiences with you on some other matters besides business and business.

If you are a student, you may have namecards being given to new friends to introduce yourself. It is appearing that every single person in the world is having their own website known as blog or diary. Your dog may have one also if any of your friends would like to get to know him or her more.

Importantly you are branding yourself and it could make you a big money from such a blog saying about your story which is unique as no one can do. It is the story of yourself or your competence in certain areas.

If you agree that you'd better have a blog, you need to do it fast!!!

Now it is the century of economy of speed that the fast (maybe a bit furious) dominate the slow or clumsy. It is all about capitalism that I hate but need to live with it!!!

When time elapses, your blog is getting more and more famous by nature. It is creating its own customer base and will bear fruit one day.

Don't Believe Me, Believe Yourself!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

May I Have Your Attention Please!!

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It is my first time that I intend to promote my book through my blog though I used to talk about it in "song request" entry.

I think you don't mind this ^^

Believe it or not??!!!

7,000 copies have been published.

Now available at leading book stores across the country particularly at SE-ED book stores.

Make Money from Your Blog / Diary!!!

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I have been asked this question many times how to make money from my blog though I have not got the real money yet. At least it could help you cover costs of internet access or monthly mobile phone charge as I think you guys have at least 1-2 blogs to look after. Don't feel discouraged if you find how many pageviews a day I get.

You don't need to have hundreds of visitors to draw. Just stay focused on good keywords and keep posting good contents onto your blog or diary. It will take some time maybe 1-2 months or weeks to see good earning figure displayed on your Google Adsense's report.

Before creating a Google Adsense account, you have to be prepared first!!!

It is very important in a sense that you can save time and make money quick and big. If you already have a blog or diary, make sure that you can be allowed to put advertisings onto your blog. If no, create a new one.

There are some easy steps to do before waiting and seeing money coming in!!!

1. Think about what contents you are covering or you are interested in to make sure that you can keep posting regularly meaning more money.

2. Check if your keywords are of good paying or not and number of search done on those keywords. Make a good compromise between keyword value and number of search to ensure that you can make money quick and big.Check your keywords at

3. Create a blog that advertisings are allowed. I recommend as it is easy to manage your account and importantly it is under Google's umbrella.

4. Create a Google adsense account. You must get to know Google's regulations and all that. Read carefully terms of service to avoid being banned.

5. No click fraud, please. It is no good and violates Google adsense's rules!!! Ohterwise you will get banned forever.

6. Optimise your blog page to maximise your profit!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

How to Make Your Blog Famous (over 15,000 hits a day!! - SEO)

Illustration 1 Link Popularity of when compared to other famous music websites (Please click the image for larger size to see the details.)

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What I am now talking about is directly from my experiences in running an blog ( that you all have already visited(I believe). So far I have run the blog for only 9 months with over 1 million hits using the counter at management console and some more to crosscheck the statistics.

Currently the number of hits is approximately 13,000-18,000 a day!!! It is true. Believe me!!!

The only secret of this is SEO standing for Search Engine Optimization which is some kind of Search Engine Marketing. We will get to know it later.

In the first 5-6 months, I did not promote my blog at all just running another blog at but later I made links to the exteen blog to lower load of work taking care of 2 blogs. It could be some kind of blog promotion anyway ^^"

Actually the contents in my blog is another key success factor but it just helps keep people coming in.

But why my blog is quite famous despite the fact that I did not promote it at all just kept posting and posting until one day the blog was ranked No.1 at ranked no.1 and you can see the evidence by clicking this, go to the homepage and see the chart)???

The Key Success Factor is SEO, Search Engine Optimization, a method of search engine marketing.

To prove that what I am talking about is true, I have pasted above an image of link popularity statistics of bignose blog compared to that of some famous music websites in Thailand and a music website from overseas.

Actually I have implemented SEO strategy by accident since I had no educational background on search engine marketing or optimization at all. What I did in compliance with SEO method is I use a huge number of the word "MV" probably over 1,000 times as I update my blog everyday with 1-10 music videos!!!

Therefore when you come to search for a music video using the word "MV", you will see bignose blog as the first ranked on Google's search result page. This also happens to that when you use the word "bignose", "exteen" though sometimes it comes up as 2-5th result but I can guarantee that bignose blog will pop up at the first page of Google search result page!!!.

Another thing is that I showed every music video in the landing page aimed at helping visitors find songs quick and easy. I think this helps a lot.

After 8 months since the creation of the bignose blog, I changed the description of the blog from "Love Me, Love My Blog"(which is nothing to Googlebot as long as your blog is about music!!) to "Music Online ฟังเพลง ออนไลน์" that the last 2 words are in Thai to capture Googlebot attention!!! I was turning smarter!!

I did nothing on inserting keywords into meta tag or tag script or something like that as I don't know how to do that even now.

All this is done by natural SEO implementation!!

How to Put Music onto Your Blog

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I have been asked many times about how to put music video onto a blog page. So I am telling you how to cope with this as I think this will help your blog look much more interesting and exciting. It is a piece of cake of a lot of people anyway.

As each blog site may have its own code format of media player, then some player codes here may not be working for your blog but mostly it works.

How to put your own video/audio onto your blog

If you'd like to display your own video/audio on your blog page, it is a bit complicated as your have to upload your file and get a direct link to place in the media player code you are using.

I will skip the process of doing your video/audio recording. I mean you already have a video/audio file and I will be talking about uploading only files with .wmv or .wma extentions to a hosting website.

1. Find and get the right hosting website.

This is very important as in practice a lot of hosts don't support hosting of video/audio files though it clearly said that we can upload video/audio files onto it. Please check if it is working before you publish your entry. Web hosting can be for free or cost you some money. It is upto your budget but I think as amateur bloggers, we prefer free web hosting!!!

2. Upload you video/audio file onto the host.

A direct link to your file is then generated.

3. Get the direct link (URL) of the file uploaded and hosted.

The link ends up with .wmv or .rm. You use this link.

4. Place it in the following media player code you use.

Please make sure that all codes must be placed onto HTML page.

Windows Media Player (.wmv)

As I can't put the code in this page. Please find one with the word "RAOCXplayer"

I use this media player code because right-clicking is not allowed. So no one can see the source of the file to secure your file but if they do want to do that, they can find some other way around to get it but it helps a lot anyway as a lot of people are not so computer-literate.

You can change the size of the frame and so on as you'd like.

As far as ready-to-use music video codes are concerned, there are a number of websites providing these codes for free, most of them already generate music video links with player so you don't have to do the above procedure. Just get the whole code and place it onto your blog's HTML page.

So you can enjoy watching and listening to over 1,000 Music Videos in this blog of mine by clicking here. Those songs/music videos are not just English songs but also from Asian countries like Japan, Korean, China and Thailand.

Enjoy It!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Media Player Downloads

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Get Ready First!!

To make sure that you can play every music video in this blog or any other media hosts. You should upgrade your media player programs to latest versions as I have made links for you to download. It is totally free!!

1. Window Media Player 10

Most of the songs here can be played using this software program. You'd better use at least WMP Version 9. Once you have already downloaded the WMP, you are advised to set up some configurations as follows:

- Open Windows Media Player

- Click "Tools" at the tools bar(not sure how to call this as I am not so computer-literate)

- Click "Options"

- Click "Privacy"

- And then tick at "Acquire licenses automatically for protected content"

2. Real Player 10

Some songs are played by this program.

3. Quick Time 7

It may not be necessary as the songs played by this software program have been taken out but just in case there are some left.

Last but not least, Internet connection speed should be at least 256 kbps.