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Executive MBA - ESG

Executive MBA
Nottingham University Business School offers a top-quality Executive MBA with an excellent reputation at a competitive price. Participants typically have at least five years of management experience; the average is more than ten years.

The Executive MBA is available to:
  • Individual applicants
  • Applicants sponsored by companies
  • Companies or organisations that want to develop a customised programme through a formal partnership with the Business School
The programme aims to develop:
  • Conceptual and analytical competence to plan and manage growth
  • Understanding of the dynamics of organisations
  • Ability to work with others to achieve successful change
  • General management perspective on the functions of a business
  • Sound up to date knowledge of business operations
  • Practical skills to manage a business
The Executive MBA offers exceptional flexibility:
  • Self-contained, one-week block modules
  • Between two and four years to complete
  • Option to vary the number of modules taken each year to suit your commitments

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MBA in Financial Studies - ESTN

The MBA in Financial Studies is designed to provide an advanced course in management for men and women seeking senior positions in industry, commerce and public services. The core subjects of the MBA are aimed at developing knowledge and skills in fundamental management disciplines.

The elective subjects permit members to concentrate in-depth on more specific subjects according to individual interests and career requirements. The programme involves participation in group work with course members from many different industrial, commercial, geographical and cultural backgrounds, and is aimed at improving the decision making abilities of participants and producing managers of the highest quality.

The programme aims to develop the essential management skills required in finance and related services to meet and participate in the increasingly international business environment. It builds upon the essential core management modules allowing greater emphasis in elective modules on the financial aspects of management.



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Joint Degree Program - UIUC - ERC

Joint Degree Programs

Joint Degrees allow students to earn two graduate degrees simultaneously. Typically, the period of study is shorter than if each degree was pursued independently. The Illinois MBA has developed several joint degree agreements with other departments on campus.

Students need to apply to each degree program separately. All admissions decisions are made independently. It's a good idea to be familiarized with admissions policies and all application procedures for each individual college.

Students interested in a joint degree with one of the following colleges must complete the requirements outlined by both the joint college and the Illinois MBA. To obtain a list of requirements for the joint colleges below, contact the college directly.


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MS in Accounting Online degree program - ERW

The Accounting and Information Management (AIM) Area currently offers a number of its courses available online. These online courses are available to all students whether they are doing most of their coursework online or on-campus.

Students are able to complete all of the requirements for the M.S. degree in Accounting and Information Management online . Students interested in completing their degree online follow the same admission procedures as on-campus students.

Students who are preparing to take the CPA exam should be aware that the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy requires that 15 of the 30 hours of accounting required to sit for the CPA exam must be completed on-campus. Students may transfer up to 12 hours of approved coursework from another institution. Students who want to transfer credit for courses they plan to take at another institution must submit for pre-approval early in the semester before they wish to complete the course. Students residing outside of the State of Texas should check with their respective state boards of public accountancy to find out the requirements in their states to sit for the CPA exam.

The titles of the AIM courses that will be taught online are provided in the table below. The table indicates when the courses will be available. The table also indicates whether the course qualifies for credit towards the 30 hours of accounting or 3 hours of ethics required by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.


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Global MBA /International MBA - ER

Recognised as one of the world’s top business schools (Financial Times and The Economist rankings amongst others), IE Business School has an urban campus in Madrid and a 400-strong faculty who train a student body from over 65 countries In its Masters programmes.

In the IE e-learning model, the professor plays a pivotal role in guiding the student's development. The participants adopt a proactive attitude that will make them the focus of the programme. A highly interactive method based on intensive communication ensures motivation and commitment at every stage.





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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - ERHCP

Concentration in Marketing

The Colorado Tech Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing provides students with the knowledge they need to succeed in an industry that features some of the highest wage and salary growth rates in the entire employment field.

For individuals with business savvy, strong communication skills and a high level of creativity, opportunities in Advertising, Brand Management, Marketing Research and many other fast-paced, exciting fields will continue to present themselves. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates there will be a 29.1% job increase in marketing-related positions by 2010.

This online degree program will prepare graduates with an understanding of the intricate relationships between organizations and their customers. Course content has been developed to emphasize current marketing trends and opportunities for success. Some of the courses in the Bachelor's (BSBA) in Marketing degree program include:
  • Consumer Behavior Fundamentals
  • Personal Selling and Customer Focus
  • Marketing Research Practices
  • Integrated Marketing Strategies
  • Principles of Advertising and Public Relations
  • Applied Marketing Management

Like all of Colorado Tech Online's revolutionary degree programs, our BSBA in Marketing is taught via our Climb Learning System, a personalized multimedia platform with rich, interactive courses; tutorials; and activities that engage students in a dynamic learning experience.

Courses are taught by established professionals in their field, giving students valuable opportunities to derive insights and real-world perspectives from experts in the marketing field.

Colorado Tech Online students with no previous college experience can complete this online degree program in about 2 1/2 years. Students with prior college credit, military experience or an Associate's degree may be eligible for the Colorado Tech Online Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program. In some cases, this program may shorten the length of the degree program to 15 months.


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Wake Forest MA in Management - EPCD

You probably chose your undergraduate major because you had a special passion for it. Now, as you prepare to graduate, you may be looking for a career you can be passionate about, too.

Knowing the right way to apply your talent can be as important as that talent itself when starting down your career path. And there may be a few more things you need to learn in order to translate what you already know into a skill set that employers recognize and value.

Wake Forest University’s new Master of Arts in Management program is tailored specifically for people with undergraduate degrees in liberal arts and sciences. It is designed to help you quickly build solid, marketable business fundamentals to add to the knowledge you’ve already mastered.

In other words, the MA in Management can help transform you into a polished young professional with the kind of business knowledge that employers are actively seeking.

Most importantly, these skills help you pursue more and better opportunities in the areas that you care about.

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Wake Forest MBA - EP

Wake Forest MBA’s hands-on environment provides you with the chance to learn by doing. You’ll see and experience consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and operations management, giving you the experience you need to understand organizations and how they work.

Our programs focus on entrepreneurial approaches to business problems; it’s part of what sets us apart from other MBA programs. We encourage students to think in new and surprising ways about what constitutes an entrepreneurial enterprise. This expanded view means that Wake Forest MBAs find unexpected opportunities in a wide variety of business settings. They also learn to compete and to lead; these two skills are critical to a successful businessperson. Our integrated curriculum, corporate connections, and career concentrations allow Wake Forest MBAs to develop and deploy a broad range of skills in careers that mesh with their professional goals. And the teamwork exercises that our students engage in prepares them for interaction in fast-paced corporate environments—and much more.



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MBA in Pharmaceutical Management - EPH

The MBA in Pharmaceutical Management Program at Fairleigh Dickinson excels in integrating academic rigor with real-world experience. Join hundreds of working professionals in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries currently enrolled at FDU. By continually building a cohesive “learning culture” with industry, the Pharmaceutical Management MBA provides a curriculum of direct relevance to market realities.

Currently enrolled students represent more than 40 leading pharmaceutical companies. Classes are held on weeknights and Saturdays at FDU’s Teaneck and Madison campuses. By attending classes conveniently located to work and/or home, students graduate with a fully accredited MBA degree with specialized courses in pharmaceutical management.

Join a diverse student body ranging from entry level to the executive suite, from production, research, finance and accounting to sales and marketing. Network with colleagues whose educational backgrounds vary from undergraduate majors in liberal arts, science, engineering and business to earned masters and doctoral degrees. Advance your career at FDU.

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The program is for professionals seeking to improve their skills in managing people and organizational systems. It is designed to build skills in leadership, team building and motivation of the workforce. The program builds knowledge of how business strategy affects organizational interaction with the marketplace and how to structure the workplace to enhance organizational growth and productivity.

Information Systems Concentration Requirements

The MBA concentration in information systems develops management skills for the effective use of information in the enterprise within the global environment. The practice of information systems management is built on technical and managerial skills drawn from the fields of business management, information technology, finance, economics and quantitative methods.

Contact Dr. Yoon, department chair, at (973) 443-8870 or e-mail for further information.

Career Opportunities in Information Systems

MBA students with a concentration in information systems will find their degree of value to a wide range of firms operating in today's global environment. By examining how data and information are handled, graduate can assess how a business operates and suggest ways in which organization al performance can be improved.

MBA students specializing in IS can perform the following broad roles within an organization:

  • systems analyst
    • addressing information systems issues, and developing systems;
  • supporting expert
    • helping to align corporate and information system strategies;
  • agent of change
    • determining optimal strategies to manage the change introduced by novel information technologies which affect structures, tasks, and people within an organization.

Student and Alumni Testimonials

"I found that the [IS Concentration courses] challenged my thinking and showed me a new way of seeing MIS and corporate strategy." - T. Powell

"[The] focus on the business problems and strategies, complemented with discussion-based class lectures ... were a good approach to learning and exploring how IS can support and grow a business." - J. Korch

"It was a great learning experience." - J. Coyne


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MBA - Marketing - EO

The marketing curriculum prepares students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of marketing strategy, consumer behavior and marketing research.

Students build on this foundation by selecting from a number of marketing electives in specialized areas. The selection of electives is typically driven by the career goals of the students and include areas such as marketing research, advertising, sales and promotions.

This major is offered under the auspices of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies, Silberman College of Business, at the College at Florham, Madison, New Jersey, and Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, New Jersey. Contact Dr. Ethne Swartz, department chair, at (973) 443-8979 or e-mail for further information.



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MBA - International Business - ENS

International Business as a Field of Study
As a consequence of the high rate of global integration and increasing levels of political instability worldwide, it is imperative that firms hire knowledgeable professionals who are able to navigate the complex global economic landscape if they are to prosper. Fairleigh Dickinson's MBA in International Business curriculum provides students with the specialized and in-depth education necessary to successfully manage organizations in today's complex global environment.

Contact Dr. Djimopoulos, department chair, at (201) 692-7296 or e-mail for further information.

Career Opportunities in International Business
A wide range of related employment opportunities can be found in this field with national and international government agencies, non-government organizations, the travel and leisure industry, transportation and banking in such areas as global corporate operations and international financial services. Additionally, this graduate program is designed to provide students with a solid academic foundation to pursue doctoral level studies.

Our renowned faculty members, both full- and part - time, have both relevant terminal degrees and a wealth of experience in the real global environment, bringing their real-world experiences to bear on in the classroom.



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MBA - Human Resources Management - ENJ

Silberman’s MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) offers more than simply classes in the field; it links students and faculty to a larger business community through its Center for Human Resource Management Studies (CHRMS).

The program focuses on building competencies that business partners have identified as essential for employment success, such as change leadership, strategic thinking and an action-oriented approach to HRM.

The program includes the basic subjects offered in a traditional MBA curriculum, as well as a core of four HR courses designed to meet the specialized needs of today’s managers of people. Students also can tailor their studies to particular career interests through elective courses.

HR Faculty Research and Interests

Our faculty is actively involved in research that examines topics of relevance to managers and scholars. Research interests include the strategic management of human resources, the management of organizational change, business-academic relationships, work-life balance, ethics in organizations, corporate entrepreneurship and workplace flexibility, among others. Faculty also play an active and leadership role in the Academy for Management, the largest and most prestigious academic association in the field of management, and have been instrumental in opening the Academy to practice and practitioners.

Faculty work has appeared in influential publications such as the Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Human Resource Management Review and Journal of Business Ethics.

Faculty interacts and networks extensively with leading business executives through a variety of training, coaching and consulting engagements in their specialty areas. Our faculty has a strong international perspective enriched by teaching experiences in several nations.


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Finance MBA - ENB

Financial concerns are a part of nearly every organizational decision, whether the organization is a business firm, non-profit organization or government agency. For that reason, financial executives are of central importance to overall planning and control. Even non-financial executives must know enough finance to effectively oversee financial concerns within their areas of expertise.

The MBA in finance at Fairleigh Dickinson University provides students with the concepts and tools for participating in the financial decision-making process for a variety of businesses and organizations that require special understanding of financial analysis, financial management and financial systems. Students are prepared to evaluate and recommend financial strategies available to them in oral and written form.

Students pursue a broad range of studies to enable them to develop personally and in their profession. The program provides the flexibility for students to choose the several sub-areas within finance where they can specialize for their potential career needs.

The MBA in Finance program is offered through Silberman College of Business on both Fairleigh Dickinson University's College at Florham (Madison, NJ) and Metropolitan Campus (Teaneck, NJ). Silberman College of Business holds prestigious accreditation by AACSB International -- the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business - which recognizes the quality of its faculty, academic programs and resources. Less than a quarter of all U.S. business schools hold this recognition, adding value to your graduate business degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Contact Dr. Djimopoulos, department chair, at (201) 692-7296 or e-mail for further information.

Career Opportunities in Finance

Whether student interests lie in the area of securities, banking, or insurance industries or that of a financial professional, the job opportunities in the field of finance have never been more promising.

Graduates of the finance program receive an educational foundation for a variety of positions, including treasurer, controller, stock broker, commodities trader, financial planner, cash manager, pension fund manager, insurance adjuster and other positions in investment and banking. Opportunities also exist for advancement to middle and senior management positions in the public, private and government sectors. Other jobs for finance majors include: credit manager, sales, trust administer, financial planning and management, real estate, corporate financial management, risk management and insurance, marketing and securities.

Special Features

Students are encouraged to work with the faculty on research projects. Varied coursework, state-of-the-art computer labs, well-equipped lecture rooms provide finance students with a solid preparation for entry into the world of finance and for career advancement.

In addition, the proximity to New York City -- the financial capital of the world -- offers the opportunity for on-site visits to institutions such as the World Bank, the U.S. Treasury, the New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ, the American Stock Exchange, the United Nations, and Wall Street. Guest speakers from Jefferies Securities, New York Stock Exchange, United Nations, and Music Boulevard have in turn visited the University.

Silberman College of Business offers students state-of-the-art computer resources and modern, well-equipped lecture rooms.



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MBA (Entrepreneurial Studies) - ENY

MBA (Entrepreneurial Studies)

Entrepreneurs are essential to our society. They foster technological and social change, and their innovation and creativity forge our future. The Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies, a top-20 entrepreneurship program, assists FDU students in achieving their entrepreneurial goals.

The MBA in entrepreneurial studies focuses on class work and outreach programs that provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice entrepreneurship in a real environment. It offers a thorough and practical understanding of the issues involved in both starting a business and fostering innovation in a corporate setting.

Classes are taught using a combination of lectures, case studies, team exercises, guest speakers and fieldwork. This major allows students to draw from a variety of carefully selected courses to become business generalists, well-versed in organizing and managing resources. Entrepreneurial studies graduates typically start their own successful ventures or pursue “intrapraneurial” careers with major corporations.

This major is offered under the auspices of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies, Silberman College of Business, at the Florham Campus, Madison, New Jersey and also at the Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, New Jersey.

Contact Ethne Swartz, Department Chair, at (973) 443-8979 or email for further information.

Career Opportunities

Students majoring in Entrepreneurship develop the skills necessary to identify a marketable product or service and to carry out the tasks required to get it to customers. They will learn how to develop a business plan to organize their efforts and launch the venture. These skills will enable the individual to reach his or her ultimate career goal, be it starting a business or working as an intrapreneur in an established organization.

Alumni Testimonials

"The courses were grounded in the real world and enabled me to develop skills that have proved indispensable in my work to date."
- Aristedes Estrada, BS '02 (Entrepreneurial Studies major)

"The accessibility of the faculty and their willingness to tailor the curriculum around individual interests is a distinguishing feature of this program."
- Rick Hymanson, MBA '01 (Entrepreneurial Studies major)



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BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting - ENF

This Bachelors Honours Degree is an exclusive degree offered to ACCA students through a unique and innovative collaboration between ACCA and Oxford Brookes University Business School.

ACCA is the largest and fastest-growing international accounting body with 240,000 students and 105,000 members in over 170 countries..ACCA's mission is to be the leading global professional accountancy body by reputation, influence and size, offering the first choice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. ACCA's reputation is grounded in over 100 years of providing accounting and finance qualifications and its long traditions are complemented by modern thinking, backed by a predominantly young and dynamic membership.

This degree has been jointly designed by the University and ACCA to meet the requirements of a degree and also those of a professional qualification. Students of ACCA are now automatically registered for the Oxford Brookes University degree when they enrol with ACCA. As soon as they have completed Parts 1 and 2 of ACCA's professional examinations, they may submit a "Research and Analysis Project" to Oxford Brookes University which will be assessed by the University Business School staff.

This collaboration offers ACCA's students the opportunity to:

  • gain a further prestigious award
  • gain recognition of achievement within a professional development scheme/career path
  • establish a 'firmer foundation' to further professional development.

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Duke Law - EN

The Master of Laws (LLM)

Degree Overview

The LLM program at Duke Law School is designed to introduce foreign law graduates to the legal system of the United States and to provide the opportunity to take advanced courses in specialized areas of the law. LLM students are welcome to make selections from the large number of courses represented in the curriculum. With the exception of two required courses, Distinctive Aspects of American Law and U.S. Legal Analysis, Research and Writing for International Students, all classes are taken with J.D. students. The number of credits required for the LLM degree is 21, but many students exceed the required number. Students may also take courses in other parts of the university, like the Fuqua School of Business or the Sanford Institute of Public Policy. The program of study is normally completed in one academic year, which begins for all new students in late August.

Most LLM students at Duke are professionals with two or more years of experience at well-known law firms. They are also judges, prosecutors, academics, members of government ministries, corporations, or financial institutions. The LLM program usually includes a small number of talented, very recent law graduates as well. The 2006-07 LL.M. class has an enrollment of 77 students from 27 countries.

Applicants must hold a first degree in law from an accredited institution outside the United States. The law degree should be the equivalent of the J.D. or LL.B. degree. Correspondence course degrees will not be considered for admission to the LL.M. program.

All applications will receive very careful scrutiny. Admissions will be based on the following criteria:

  • the applicant's academic promise as revealed by previous academic performance;
  • references (a minimum of 2) that demonstrate the applicant's scholarly ability and professional qualifications;
  • the applicant's professional plans, goals and special interests as reflected on the Personal Statement and resume; and
  • the applicant's English language proficiency.



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The Boston Advantage - EMCR

Is this the world’s best college town? With 60 colleges and universities, we think so.

Boston, during the academic year, hosts more than 100,000 students and all the businesses and entertainment that cater to them.

But what else is here? Possibly more researchers and PhDs per capita than anywhere else on Earth. That means a concentration of intellectual, business, and scientific organizations that seek and reward a constant inflow of fresh young minds with new energy and new ideas.

Sure, some of the folks here talk a little funny. But we take education seriously. Not to mention our cultural assets (architecture, art, museums, libraries, symphony), historical landmarks, restaurants and clubs, shopping, and our college and pro sports teams. The School itself is just two blocks away from the Fenway Park where the Red Sox play.

Boston is a fascinating, walkable city with an excellent public transit system. Yet nearby you will find ocean and lake beaches, mountains, and wilderness. Home to major financial institutions, the world’s premier hospitals, high tech, bioscience, and more, Boston's universities and local firms enrich each other.

When you attend Boston University, you get Boston, too. Use it to your advantage.

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EMBA at Boston University - EM5

Executive MBA

You know those executives who just seem to get it?

This is where they got it.

The Advantage

Boston University’s Executive MBA program (EMBA) focuses on Management as a System, a cross-functional view of the interdependencies among organizations’ components.

The program is designed for mid-to-senior level managers with 10 plus years of professional experience.

The Flexibility

An accelerated course of study allows you to earn your MBA while you work—in only 17 months.

The program begins in January and concludes in May of the following year, encompassing:

  • Four Modules, occurring on Fridays and Saturdays every other week for 17 months
  • Four week-long residential sessions at approximately six month intervals, including one international session
  • A Capstone Project that involves creating an international business plan

The International Reputation

In November 2006 The Financial Times, for the sixth year in a row, recognized the Boston University Executive MBA Program as number 1 in New England, and 30th in the nation.

Click here to request program materials and/or attend an information session


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Dual Degrees at Boston University - EMC

Accelerate your Career Path with Dual Degrees

Our dual degree programs, offered in conjunction with other schools and colleges within Boston University, meet the needs of students who seek management careers in specialized areas or specific industries. Admission to all dual degree programs requires separate admissions decisions by the Boston University School of Management and the appropriate BU School or College associated with the dual degree.

Learn more about the MBA portion of these degrees.

Choose from the following dual degree programs:

MBA/MS in Television Management


An 80-credit program awarding both an MBA and an MS in Television Management. Prospective students must submit separate applications to both schools.

Learn more about the MBA/MS in Television Management.

MBA/MA in International Relations


Completion of this dual degree program requires a total of 80 credits. Students must complete all of the degree requirements for the MA in International Relations (32 credits) in addition to at least 40 credits in the Graduate School of Management. Up to eight credit hours of the IR electives may be fulfilled through GSM courses. Admission into this dual degree program requires one application through the Graduate School of Management indicating on the application that applicants are pursuing the MBA/MA in International Relations.

Learn more about the MBA/MA in International Relations.

MBA/MS in Manufacturing Engineering and Management


A total of 80 credits is required for the MBA/MS in Manufacturing Engineering dual degree program. Students must take at least 40 credits from the Graduate School of Management and meet the MS requirements for manufacturing engineering. Each course may be used to meet the requirements of one degree only. For courses counted toward the engineering MS, a student must complete 36 credits with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 or ‘B’. The remaining four (4) credits can be taken at either the Graduate School of Management or the College of Engineering. Candidates are encouraged to contact the Manufacturing graduate programs coordinator who will help them plan their curricula with an advisor at the time of first enrollment in the dual degree program. Applicants need only submit the Graduate School of Management application and indicate the interest to pursue the MBA/MS in Manufacturing Engineering.

Learn more about the MBA/MS in Manufacturing Engineering and Management.

MBA/MA in Economics


Following acceptance into the joint program, candidates normally register for three semesters in the Graduate School of Management (GSM) and two semesters in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GRS), but they may cross-register and take courses in both Schools during any give semester. Students must successfully complete a minimum of 40 credits in GSM and 24 credits in the Department of Economics; the other 16 credits may be taken in GSM, the Department of Economics, or, with prior approval, elsewhere in the University. Applicants interested in the MBA/MA in Economics need only submit the GSM application indicating the interest in dual degree. Please note that when applying to this dual degree program one recommendation should be from a former professor.

Learn more about the MBA/MA in Economics.

MBA/JD in Health Sector Management


Separate applications should be submitted to both schools simultaneously. Students begin the MBA program after the first year at the School of Law.

Learn more about the MBA/JD in Health Sector Management.

MBA/JD in Law and Management


Separate applications should be submitted to both schools simultaneously. Students begin the MBA program after the first year at the School of Law.

Learn more about the MBA/JD in Law and Management.

MBA/MA in Medical Science


Students apply by completing an application to the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences and an application to the School of Management, indicating on each application that admission to the dual degree program is desired. Letters of recommendation, test scores and transcripts must accompany one of the applications and are shared by both admissions committees.

Students already enrolled in either program who decide to pursue a dual degree may, with the counsel of their advisor, apply for formal admission to the other School. Upon acceptance, the director of the dual degree program reviews the applicant's transcript and advises what courses may be taken to complete the combined dual degree requirements.

Candidates usually register for two semesters in the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS) and then register in the Graduate School of Management (GSM), but may cross-register and take courses in both Schools in any semester.

Learn more about the MBA/MA in Medical Science.

MBA/MPH in Management and Public Health


The dual degree in MBA/MPH in Management and Public Health requires completion of a total of 85 credits, 52 from the School of Management and 33 credits in residence in the School of Public Health. Sixteen of the 33 SPH credits must be from the Health Services Department. Applicants must apply simultaneously to the School of Public Health and the School of Management. Separate applications to both Schools are required.

Learn more about the MBA/MPH in Management and Public Health.



Students should express their interest in the MD/MBA program when they apply to medical school. Students will complete the first three years of the medical school curriculum and then spend their fourth year fully integrated into the MBA program at the School of Management within the Health Sector Management Program. During this fourth year, they will take 36 credit-hours of management courses with an emphasis on health sector issues. To earn both degrees, students must successfully complete the required classroom and clinical coursework for the MD degree, the required coursework for the MBA degree, and a 400-hour field placement in a health sector organization (taken during the summer between the fourth and fifth years). Students must earn the grade of Pass or Honor in all MED courses and must maintain a grade point average of 2.7 (on a scale of 4.0) in MBA courses. Please note that students interested in the MD/MBA must take both the MCAT in addition to the GMAT.


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DBA program at Boston University - EMM

Extraordinary changes in the global business environment are challenging management schools across continents. Management education must impart the skills required to respond to technological changes, the information revolution, global competition, and constant shifts in political and social environments. Many of the management models adopted by business are outdated, and call for innovative ideas rooted in solid academic research.

Boston University’s DBA program addresses this need by training scholars to develop and sharpen management theories to enhance their contribution to management education and practice. Students acquire advanced knowledge of literature and theory in their area of specialization, the major, as well as solid grounding in a minor, for example, a social science discipline, such as sociology, economics, or political science, that provides a foundation for their area of specialization. They are given theoretical and practical knowledge of advanced research skills, which is essential for publishing in leading academic journals.

The program ensures that students develop an appreciation of the role of their research domain in managerial and organizational contexts, and can translate their learning from scholarly research into effective teaching.

Our faculty, which has earned world-wide recognition for its scholarly and applied research, is the School’s major resource for doctoral education. Their commitment to advancing management knowledge through research published in top journals, and improving the quality of teaching, enables them to effectively mentor doctoral students, who, in close collaboration with faculty, are part of the intellectual capital of the School.

The majority of doctoral students entering the DBA program receive substantial financial assistance, which covers full tuition for four years and a generous stipend. The total financial assistance for four years ranges from $135,000 for full fellowships to $119,000 for partial fellowships.


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Wharton's Doctoral program in Operations & Info Management - EM

Wharton's program in Operations and Information Management emphasizes research on real management problems and maintains a balance between theory and implementation. The faculty trains scholars in decision processes, information and decision technologies, information strategy, operations management, and operations research. Faculty research applies analytic and empirical studies to important problems facing the private and public sectors, including: decision support systems, information-based strategy, production planning and scheduling, development and implementation of information systems, service operations design and execution, and supply chain management.

Recent graduates have taken academic positions at such institutions as Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Duke, the University of Chicago, INSEAD, NYU, UCLA, the University of Virginia, and the University of Michigan.



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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wharton's Doctoral Program in Marketing - EMtoM

Wharton's Marketing faculty, the most published and cited in the world, have been leaders in developing new research methodologies and implementing new decision models and techniques in the practice of marketing. The doctoral program offers students the interdisciplinary environment to generate creative ideas and hypotheses, the analytic skills to evaluate them, and the training to communicate them.

Faculty members are active in both research and business consulting, resulting in seminars that combine scholarly expertise and field-level experience. Recent research topics include such areas as: cognitive processes of consumers, consumer preference measurement, marketing decision support systems, design and adoption of new products, marketing and competitive strategy, and international marketing.

The Marketing program requires students to have a basic knowledge of various business areas, computer programming, calculus, and matrix algebra. Recent graduates have received offers of faculty positions at leading business schools, including the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, NYU, LBS, Columbia, Emory, MIT, and UCLA.



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Wharton's Doctoral Program in Insurance and Risk Management - ELP

Wharton's program in Insurance and Risk Management, the first of its kind in the world, is regarded as the leading doctoral program in the field. Research by the department's faculty has led to regulatory reforms, influenced public policy, and been incorporated into business school curricula worldwide. This internationally renowned research focuses on such areas as: microeconomic theories of insurance, applications of financial theory to insurance and risk management, theoretical and empirical research on industrial organization of insurance markets, economic and financial analysis of public and private pensions, and benefit programs and actuarial science.

Entering students are required to have a strong background in mathematics. Preference is given to students who also have extensive education in microeconomics, finance, or actuarial science. Alumni of the program typically hold faculty positions at leading colleges and universities or serve as economists in government agencies. They include a high proportion of the leading academic researchers in insurance and risk management.


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Wharton's Doctoral Program in Accounting - ELL

Wharton's doctoral program in Accounting takes a multidisciplinary approach to meeting the needs of today's complex markets, by integrating accounting, finance, and economics with broader perspectives on organizational issues and the business environment. Faculty research typically focuses on the impact of accounting information and policy-making on such areas as the behavior of capital markets, the behavior of decision-makers within a firm, and the structure of firms in general.

Successful candidates possess a strong aptitude for abstract thinking and quantitative analysis. Recent graduates have taken positions at MIT, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, UCLA, USC, and the University of Michigan.


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Wharton's Doctoral Program in Finance - ELB

Wharton's PhD program in Finance provides students with a solid foundation in the theoretical and empirical tools of modern finance, drawing heavily on the discipline of economics. Students build on this foundation and apply these tools to study frontier issues in asset pricing, corporate finance, financial institutions, international finance, behavioral finance, and macroeconomics.

The department is distinguished by the broad range of areas included in its curriculum and faculty research. Faculty research, both empirical and theoretical, includes such areas as: the structure of financial markets, the formation and behavior of financial asset prices, banking and monetary systems, corporate control and capital structure, saving and capital formation, international financial markets, and behavioral economics. Finance faculty are also active in the work of Wharton's Financial Institutions Center, Weiss Center for International Financial Research, and Rodney L. White Center for Financial Research.

Because financial research is analytical, candidates with undergraduate training in economics, mathematics, engineering, statistics, and other quantitative disciplines have an ideal background for doctoral studies in this field. The department prepares students for careers in research and teaching at the world's leading academic institutions, in such areas as asset pricing, corporate finance, financial institutions, international finance, behavioral finance, and macroeconomics.


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Harvard DBA Program in Marketing - ELR

The DBA program in Marketing draws on a variety of underlying disciplines to research important marketing management problems centered around the immediate and future needs and wants of customers. Groups of HBS faculty pursuing research in this field, and currently welcoming collaboration with doctoral students, are studying:

  • consumer behavior
  • marketing organization and control
  • product and pricing policy
  • consumer marketing and retailing
  • multinational marketing

While the program encourages the use of field research to sense and define a problem, it does not have an ideological view on any single methodology as being superior to others in terms of the full scope of the research. Be it analytical, experimental, or qualitative, it is the appropriateness of the method in addressing the specific problem that matters. As a result, marketing faculty who work in one or more of these groups draw on a variety of underlying disciplines in research and consequently engage doctoral students in a broad spectrum of disciplinary bases.

The program draws on economic, behavioral, psychological and administrative theory to focus on marketing problems faced by the firm and its management. Through a combination of discipline- and field-based methods, the curriculum enables students to master concepts and research skills directly relevant to business problems. Candidates must come to understand the point of view of practicing managers and be able to bring theory and careful research to bear in illuminating important business problems.


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Difference between DBA and PhD - ELR

What's the difference between the DBA and PhD?

The decision to pursue a particular doctoral degree at Harvard should be based on an individual's research interests and the approach one wishes to apply to that research. By reviewing each program's curriculum and faculty research interests, students can get a good sense of their potential fit.

Harvard Business School offers two types of doctoral degrees: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). However, a student should not select a program based on the type, but rather on research focus and methods.

DBA: Power in Practice
Combining academic rigor and managerial relevance, the DBA program provides students with the flexibility to apply a broad range of disciplines and research methods to their chosen area of study. In addition, students benefit from the wide range of faculty expertise in management fields, such as accounting and marketing, and multiple opportunities to actively pursue field-based research.

PhD: Disciplinary and Management Expertise
The PhD programs are offered jointly by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) and Harvard Business School. They combine the disciplinary expertise of a GSAS department (e.g. Economics, Psychology) with the management expertise of HBS. As a result, students build a strong foundation in a particular discipline and then apply those methods and approaches to their research on relevant managerial problems.


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MSc in Tourism Development - EKC

Tourism Development

The School is recognised as a key Education and Training Centre by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and was the first UK centre to receive TedQual Certification from the WTO for both its undergraduate and postgraduate tourism programmes. The Postgraduate Diploma/MSc programme in Tourism Planning and Development was established in 1981 and has been designed to cover all of the issues surrounding the planning and development of tourism. Particular topics, including project appraisal, impact analysis, forecasting, hotel development, travel and transportation, tourism policy and organisation, and visitor attraction management, are dealt with through specific modules on these subjects. The programme is designed for those with a particular interest in the issues, problems and processes associated with the planning and development of tourist destinations. The emphasis of the programme is on both the theoretical and applied aspects of tourism planning and development. The programme provides coverage of both the conceptual and practical issues and problems facing the public and private sector dealing with the development of tourism in a wide variety of situations. It is equally suitable for recent graduates seeking managerial level positions in the tourism industry, consulting or the public sector.


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MSc in eTourism - EK

MSc/PGDip/PGCert eTourism
The MSc in eTourism explicitly examines how ICTs enable tourism organisations to strengthen their competitiveness and at same time identify which ICTs organisations require to achieve their business models.

The MSc in eTourism deals with the planning, development, management and marketing of both tourism enterprises and destinations in the emerging electronic markets. It adopts a global perspective and enables you to explore the ways in which you can transform traditional tourism enterprises, develop and manage new electronic and dot com businesses and support tourism organisations taking advantage of the emerging technological tools.

The MSc in eTourism examines all types of innovative technologies and their application in tourism, travel, hospitality, transportation enterprises and destinations. It illustrates how the internet, extranets and intranets can be used strategically by tourism organisations. It also explores electronic commerce through the internet, mobile devices, digital television and other appliances. The eTourism modules are specially focused on the ways that tourism and hospitality organisations can utilise the latest ICTs to develop dynamic and innovative enterprises and to achieve sustainable competitive advantages in the exciting new world of eTourism.



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MSc in Entrepreneurship - EJT

MSc/PGDip/PGCert Entrepreneurship

The MSc in Entrepreneurship will be of particular interest to those who already run their own business, those who are planning a career in either self-employment or an innovative, entrepreneurial organisation and those who intend to teach entrepreneurship. Not only are participants able to select their areas of specialism through elective modules in the second semester, but the project provides them with the opportunity either to learn more about research and the theory behind entrepreneurship via a dissertation or apply theory to practice through the formulation of a plan for launching a new venture or developing an existing one.

This innovative programme is designed to provide students with a sound theatrical and practical understanding of entrepreneurship in preparation for a career in either self employment or an innovative entrepreneurial organisation.

Throughout this programme participants will be encouraged to learn experientially and to develop the attributes, ways of thinking and behaviour of the entrepreneur.

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Technology Management - EJJ

Technology Management

Drawing on the academic and industrial expertise from both the School of Management and the School of Engineering, this jointly offered MSc in Technology Management is dedicated to training engineers and scientists for leadership in the management of technology-based organisations. It provides a balanced combination of management skills with a wide variety of advanced technology subjects. The programme will appeal to newly qualified engineering and science graduates and those with some experience in industry. The programme provides practical education that is relevant to the needs of existing and future managers, executives and other professionals in technology-intensive industries. The programme introduces a novel combination of units to develop a solid understanding of management and advanced technology concepts. The learning outcome is a balanced combination of management skills (50 per cent of the modules) alongside advanced technology subjects (process systems, computer based applications, environment, materials, modelling and optimisation). Graduates are prepared to follow managerial careers in organisations that produce or trade technology. The programme prepares students to understand technology trends and strengthen their quantitative background with management skills that cope with finance, human resource management, marketing and corporate decision making.



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International Marketing Management - EJS

International Marketing Management

The global marketplace requires a critical overview of the management of products and services. As e-commerce and virtual enterprises assume a greater significance, this programme examines issues and considers how managers should exploit the opportunities being offered. The MSc in International Marketing Management, from the School of Management, provides students with a comprehensive framework for understanding international marketing. It provides students with knowledge of the theory, concepts, issues and practice of international marketing. It identifies processes, context and influences associated with international marketing strategies, develops students' appreciation of strategies and plans for different economies and of the implications, monitoring and control of the international marketing process. Modules consider a wide range of issues in the international marketing field and students will gain an excellent understanding of research and statistics for management.

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Health Care Management, Surrey University - EJM

Health Care Management

Open to all professional groups within the health sector, the MSc in Health Care Management provides an academically challenging and stimulating study of management within health care. The changes which have occurred in the National Health Service since the introduction of the reforms in 1991 require that most staff at all levels undertake managerial duties and responsibilities. This programme is designed to equip managers and clinicians for these tasks. It has been developed through close working between academic staff at the University and managers and clinicians in various health institutions in London and the south of England. Managers, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals are offered a tailored programme of study designed to enhance their ability to influence, manage and achieve work-based and personal objectives within a sound financial framework. Drawing on the stimulus of the School's recent research activities and our long-standing expertise in the service sector area, we provide an education that is both intellectually challenging and directly relevant to the field of health care management. The MSc in Health Care Management applies the School's expertise in the Service Sector to the field of health. There are extensive links with health care through the Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, the Robens Institute's Environmental Health Studies and the Health Economics Group within the Department of Economics.

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Tourism Marketing at Surrey University - EJL

Tourism Marketing

This MSc programme is designed to provide the skills required to pursue a career in marketing a tourism product. The modules are designed to incorporate established principles of marketing as well as current specialist issues. Basic understanding of the Marketing Concept leads to opportunities to apply theory to a wide variety of tourism situations. On completion of the programme participants will have an opportunity to be at the forefront of the latest tourism marketing thinking and practice, as well as having the relevant skills to study customers and the environment in which tourism marketing is conducted, communicate effectively with the other departments within organisations and formulate plans that are appropriate for specific tourism products.

The core modules are:
Organisational Behaviour; Financial Management; Research Methods; Strategic Destination Marketing; Tourism Marketing and Tourism Theory and Practice.

The elective modules are:
Consumer Behaviour; E-Tourism Applications; E-Tourism Futures; Hotel Property Management; Information Management; Measurement of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction; Responsible Tourism; Tourism Education; Tourism in Less Developed Countries; Travel Catering Management; and Visitor Attraction Management. This programme will enhance the career prospects of participants by providing an internationally recognised, transferable qualification.


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Retail management, Surrey University - EJM

Retail Management

Retailing is a highly significant economic activity on both a national and international scale. In the UK alone retail sales totalled approximately £246.9b in 2004 (British Retail Consortium, 2006). The MSc in Retail Management at the University of Surrey offers current and aspiring managers in retail and related industries a tailored programme of study designed to enhance their understanding of the retail sector and their ability to analyse and solve problems. Retail-specific and general management modules are combined to provide a high quality management education that prepares students to meet the demands of the rapidly changing retail scene. Students will acquire a high level of theoretical and applied knowledge of the management, operations and organisation of the sector. The core modules are Financial Management; Organisational Behaviour; Research Methods; Retail Development; Retail Marketing; and Supply Chain Management. Elective modules include Business Strategy; Consumer Behaviour; Information Management; Measurement of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction; Self-directed Research Study; and Visitor Attraction Management.


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Food Management at Surrey University - EI

Food Management

The food industry is an exciting field in which to work. Its diverse nature presents very particular challenges to those within it. Many people reach management positions within the food sector either with relevant food-related knowledge, but no management training, or with management experience, but little food-related knowledge. This programme provides prospective managers with both types of knowledge. It is an applied programme, providing a very different perspective on food-related topics to, for instance, food science programmes. Specifically, the programme aims to develop an in-depth understanding and insight into aspects of food management. It provides a sound management education whilst developing the skills to ensure the safety, acceptability and nutritional adequacy of the food that is provided.

The programme offers a high quality vocational education, which is intellectually rigorous and up-to-date, as well as relevant to the needs of future managers, executives and professionals in the food industry. The programme has a business management orientation related to service industries and draws on a range of cognate areas of study to explain and analyse the particular sector. An integrated approach is taken so as to provide a coherent view that explores the interrelationships between the various components of the programme. The programme can be taken on a full- or part-time basis. Part-time study is based on attendance for two days per week for two years.



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Cardiff MBA - EHD

Business Administration (MBA)

1 year (Full-time) / 2 years (Part-time)

Course Aims:

To offer knowledge and expertise for a career in industry, commerce or the public sector.

Course Description:

The degree programme looks at the main areas of Organisation and Personnel, Strategy and the Environment and Information and Control. Within these are encompassed Organisational Behaviour, Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Marketing, Strategic Management, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Business Statistics and Operations Management, together with a range of elective subjects from which students may choose according to their particular interests.

Core courses and electives are assessed by a mixture of coursework, class tests and unseen examinations, together with a dissertation of 20,000 words, which is assessed by internal and external examiners.

Special Features:

  • The Cardiff MBA course takes a strong international perspective in all areas.
  • The Cardiff MBA will provide you with evidence of personal dedication and commitment, an international orientation, development of inter personal skills, presentation and communication skills and greater confidence in your overall managerial abilities.
  • The combination of theory and its practical application provides you with problem solving management skills of immediate and enduring value.

Entry Requirements:

Suitable for graduates in a wide range of disciplines, including arts and science subjects as well as the usual business-oriented degrees.

Applications will be considered from recent graduates with an Honours degree from an approved university or those with a similar level of qualification gained by other methods. Non-graduates with approved professional qualifications or work experience may also be considered under certain circumstances.

Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to pass either IELTS/TOEFL exams, obtaining a minimum score of IELTS band 6.5 or 570 in TOEFL (230 for computer-based marking).

Tuition Fees:

  • UK & EU Full Time Student Fees for 2006/2007
  • UK & EU Part Time Student Fees for 2006/2007
  • International Full Time Student Fees for 2006/2007
  • International Part Time Student Fees for 2006/2007

Next intake: September 2007


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